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Healthy & Safe Scouting Related to Coronavirus (Covid-19)

A Message From Our Scout Executive

Saturday, April 4, 2020 – The Dan Beard Council Scout Executive and CEO, Andy Zahn, shares a message about recent Scout activity.


Friday, April 24, 2020 – As a leadership organization, each of us wants to do our best to assist with any potential spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and keep our community healthy and Scouting activities safe. The Dan Beard Council is actively following the guidance of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), as well as state departments of health.

This update provides news on these subjects:

  • Council Operation
  • Online Programs
  • Unit Meetings
  • Summer Camp

Council Operation

The Scout Achievement Center and Scout Shop will remain closed for the time being. We are reviewing options for re-opening and will announce those as soon as there is news to share.

The Dan Beard Council staff is dedicated to continuing operations and will operate remotely. Our staff is available to help you via email, phone, and video conferences. Please visit our Staff Directory to find a listing of our team members that can help you. 

The Scout Achievement Center will be open for drop-off/pick-up on Wednesdays from 10am until Noon. Please note that the Scout Shop remains closed. You can shop for your Scouting apparel by visiting ScoutShop.org.

Our camps will remain closed to all visitors at this time. Much like the Scout Achievement Center, we will share any updates when there is news to share. 

Online Programs

The Dan Beard Council continues to produce several strong Scouting at Home programs. To learn about all of them, click here.

As highlights, we do produce two video series that are available via Facebook:

The Dan Beard Council has also partnered with Oasis Senior Advisors for an opportunity where our Scouts can participate in a community service project writing cards to some members of our community who may be more isolated. Click here to find out how to participate.

Additionally, the Dan Beard Council will be hosting a Virtual Camporee during the weekend of May 1. This is going to overlap a national BSA “Camp-in” event allowing our Scouts to participate in some great local and national programing.  For more information, click here.

Unit Meetings

Previously, the Dan Beard Council offered the guidance that units should not conduct unit meetings when their local school district was closed. However, with schools being closed for the remainder of the academic year, some new planning is needed.

Following the guidance of the President’s “Guidelines for Opening Up America Again” where there are three phases of re-opening, some youth activities will be permitted with caution during Phase 2 – others are left to Phase 3.  The plan is designed to be implemented on state/region level. So, this could impact some parts of our council differently. We are also closely following state and local directives, as there may be some variation on the President’s plan in Ohio and Kentucky. 

As we move closer to parts of our region reaching Phase 2 or a similar designation by our state governments, we’ll share some additional guidance about the resumption of in-person activities. 

In the meanwhile, all Scouting units should continue to conduct meetings as virtual gatherings units conference calls or online video conferencing. There remain many opportunities to move Scouting forward using technology. 

Once we do get a green light in either Phase 2 or Phase 3 of the President’s plan, it will also be important for units to consult their chartered partner organization for additional guidance and permission to resume meetings. There may be instances where chartered partner organizations will want to gradually resume activities in their buildings. 

Summer Camp

Our most frequently asked questions relate to summer camp. So, we thought we would share some of them in the FAQ below.

Is Summer Camp going to be held?

We are currently planning on holding summer camp at Cub Word and Camp Friedlander in 2020. We are working to determine the best course of action as new information continues to become available from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the state departments of health. 

The safety of our Scouts is our most important concern. Just like you and your unit, we strongly desire that every Scout has an amazing, safe experience at summer camp. We also recognize that many families have been planning for their summer camp trip for the past year.  So, we will not make these decisions lightly.

What options are being considered?

The council has formed a special committee focused on the safe operations of our summer camp programs. The group is looking at several different options that include operating our schedule as planned, a delayed start of camp, day-camp options, and adjusted session cycles that enhance social distancing options. The group is also considering safety aspects related to housing, dining, and program activities. 

What happens if…?

We know there are currently lots of unknowns currently both in Scouting and in our communities. We are developing robust contingency plans to cover a myriad of possible situations. In all of them, the safety of our staff and participants is vital. We strongly believe that the world needs Scouting and will continue to develop plans and options so our Scouts can continue to have a transformative experience regardless of any temporary obstacles.

How will you communicate changes?

The special committee working on camping options hopes to make a preliminary announcement about our summer camp options in mid-May.

 The latest information for both summer camp and other activities at our camps is available at www.danbeard.org/summer-camp-updates/.  In addition, if substantial changes are made to summer camp, we will email all registered unit leaders.

If Summer Camp is canceled will I get a full refund?

Yes. We will provide a full refund if we are unable to hold summer camp. See the full updated camp refund policy here.

What if I cannot get a new Part C for my medical form?

The BSA National Safety and Health Team is currently evaluating all options while being mindful of those who have valid exams, new members and adults who may have never completed a Part C exam, and state/local requirements.

For families with financial hardship, are Camperships available?

Yes, we encourage Scouts who need some assistance to apply.  Campership forms are available here.

Who can I ask if I have other questions?

Please reach out to your District Executive or to Rachel Ball in our Program Department at Rachel.ball@scouting.org.

Monday, March 30, 2020 – Based on the President’s announcement over the weekend, the Dan Beard Council, Boy Scouts of America would like to remind our Scouters and families to continue the practice of social distancing until April 30, 2020. This is an extension from the original date of April 6, 2020 that we previously shared. Also, earlier today, Monday, March 30, 2020, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine announced that all schools will be closed until May 1, 2020. Due to this extension, no in-person Scout meetings should take place at this time. Many units are meeting virtually, and Scouts are participating in virtual merit badges.

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Questions? Please contact the Scout Achievement Center at (513) 577-7700.