Our goal is to ensure that all youth can participate and benefit from Scouting.

Today, youth are faced with many challenges. Scouting prepares youth to accept responsibility and to care about principles and causes beyond their own self-interest. ScoutREACH prepares them to be leaders and responsible citizens. Our core mission encourages self growth through relationship development with other youth, mentors, places of worship, schools and other organizations. ScoutREACH is a well-defined program based on values, learning by doing and positive role models.

PNC Challenge Camp, an extension of ScoutREACH, is one of the premiere camping outreach programs offered in our community. Conducted throughout the year, the purpose of PNC Challenge Camp is to build upon the character and values they have learned about throughout the ScoutREACH program via an interactive camping experience.

The youth who participate in PNC Challenge Camp do so at no cost to themselves or their families. Participants are transported by chartered bus from near their homes to our camp each day. All program materials and equipment are provided, as well as a nourishing lunch and snacks. On Tuesday, July 2nd, and Thursday, July 11th, parents are invited out to see camp and enjoy a dinner with your family.

The diversified group of volunteers include a mix of businessmen, police, firefighters, PLN members and community leaders. In addition to facilitating fun outdoor programming, the volunteers truly mentor their group through team building initiatives and personal interaction.

The experience can be best summed up by longtime Challenge Camp mentor Al Beasley: “Much has been written about the plight of the inner city youth and the struggles they face with respect to drugs, gangs and poverty. Challenge Camp is an open door to a different world where these young men get an opportunity to see and work with successful men and women from the world of business and government. Many of these young men would often say ‘Do you think I could be like you when I grow up?’ A tear would often start to fall from my eye as I realized that without hope for a better future what do these young men have? Challenge Camp gives them a chance to be around nature and dream/plan for a positive future by developing a positive self-image. Please continue your support of these young men.”

Learn More About Challenge Camp!

Contact Sarah Dods at (513) 673-3667 or sarah.dods@scouting.org if you are interested in learning more about Challenge Camp or how you can help!

Do you have questions about Challenge Camp? Please call Michelle Horner at (513) 577-7686

Interested in volunteering at Challenge Camp? Please contact Sarah Dods (513) 673-3667

A special thank you to all our 2018 Challenge Camp Sponsors for supporting local youth. Taft’s Ale House, Chick-Fil-A, Currito, TSC Apparel, Amend, Formica, Katz Teller, Clark Schaeffer and Hackett, Lykins Energy, Phillips Edison, Taft Law, Sell Your Mac, KMK Law, Graydon Head and Ritchey. Faruki Ireland and Cox, BB&T, TQL, Cushman and Wakefield, Innova Financial, The Rippe Family, Christ Hospital, Blue & Co., High Towers Petroleum, JDL Warm Construction, Dinsmore, Cintas, PNC, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Step Outside (Department Natural Resources), Western and Southern and Mills Fence.

The Boy Scouts of America, Dan Beard Council is a proud United Way Agency Partner. Challenge Camp, an extension of ScoutREACH is in part funded by the United Way of Greater Cincinnati.