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SUMMER CAMP | Active. Outdoors. Adventure.

Scouts embark on a new adventure each year through one of our summer camps. With activities tailored to the age and rank of the Scout, there are many opportunities for Scouts to try something new or to hone in on the craft they enjoy the most. Summer camps encourage outdoor adventure through hiking, orienteering and S.T.E.M. activities. Scouts learn sportsmanship, build character and develop citizenship through mental and physical fitness challenges including programs like kayaking, rappelling, skilled trades, and more.

In addition, Cub Scouts were invited to explore the outdoors while experiencing exciting themed programs at the medieval castle, pioneer fort, miner’s camp, and mountain man village.

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A local Scout rappelling at Camp Friedlander, one of Dan Beard Council’s camp properties located in Loveland, Ohio.
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National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT) is an exciting and powerful program designed to provide members of the Boy Scouts of America (ages 13 and over) with leadership skills and experience they can use to lead themselves and others. This week-long outdoor experience is designed to compliment leadership training at the unit level and is modeled after professional business leadership trainings. The training course centers on the concepts of what a leader must BE, KNOW, and DO. Click here for details!

Peterloon is one of the longest continuously operating camporees in the history of Scouting – a council tradition since 1927. The theme for 2019’s event was Eras of Adventure, where Scouts got to travel through historical time periods of Scouting with era-appropriate activities and events. For the first Peterloon ever, Cub Scouts participated in expanded programs across our camps. Scouts got to experience activities such as Blacksmithing, climbing, shooting sports, mountain biking, trade skills, Space Camp, the Army Adventure Trailer and much more! Click here to learn more.

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In conjunction with our Centennial Celebration of Camp Friedlander, local Scouts, volunteers, and committees came together to develop a new, unified family of camp brands for our local properties. Special thanks to Doug Studer and the Deskey team for their support throughout the brand development process.

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The 2019 World Jamboree was co-hosted by the United States, Canada, and Mexico and was held at the Summit in West Virginia from July 21-August 2, 2019. This exciting event enabled Scouts to interact with Scouts from other countries and learn about their cultures. There were 152 National Scout Organizations, including the BSA and contingents from the Dan Beard Council, that had Scouts attending and/or serving on staff at the 2019 World Scout Jamboree. Click here to learn more!

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The Centennial Anniversary of Camp Friedlander was celebrated throughout 2019. Camp Friedlander has served as home for thousands of Scouts throughout the region since 1919. A key part of the On This Ground Centennial Celebration was life at summer camp. Scouts who attended Peterloon were able to venture back in time to experience camp-life during the early days of camp by participating in vintage games, advancement work, and storytelling. Several tent-pole events were held throughout the year to mark special aspects of Camp Friedlander’s history, and concluded with the capstone event at Peterloon. Click here to learn more!

On January 19, 2019, more than 125 Camp Staffers from across Camp Friedlander, Myron Kahn, Cub World and Camp Hook converged at the Camp Friedlander Dining Hall to kick off the Camp Friedlander Centennial Year. Representatives from each decade reaching back to the 1950’s were present to share in fellowship, and to share stories, skits and songs from their respective era.

Peterloon, Dan Beard Council’s signature camporee, was the pinnacle of our Celebration of “On This Ground.” Scouts explored the grounds of the Dan Beard Scout Reservation, living the life of Scouts past, present and future with the theme, “Eras of Adventure.” Over 6,000 people attended and participated in the long list of activities of this capstone event!

This homecoming event
 honored Camp Edgar
Friedlander’s official
 dedication which was on August 23, 1919. Family-style camping was available, as well as unit camping. Capping off the weekend was a special
re-dedication ceremony on Saturday evening.

Have you ever wondered what it was like at Camp Friedlander in its early days? The Dan Beard Council Camp Staff Alumni Association collected stories from campers at Camp Friedlander, and published a history book that honors the 100 years of camping and Scouting heritage at camp.

All inquiries should be directed to Julie Whitaker, Marketing Executive, at (513) 577-7699 or email at julie.whitaker@scouting.org.