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      Ed Baier

      Our troop continues to meet outside.  It is dark and cold at our usual meeting time (Tuesday evenings) during the winter.  So, we have temporarily moved our weekly meetings to Sundays at 1pm.  We alternate meetings at our church (charter org) and meetings at other places – hiking, snow tubing, etc.  It is working well (warmer and lighter when we meet)

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      Michelle Chester

      We’ve done something similar. We have been having our Pack meetings as virtual meetings and then we also offer an optional Saturday or Sunday outing. We’ve done hiking, Trammel Park, hitting a fitness trail, etc. The virtual meetings allow us a chance to get together with everyone at our normal time to discuss advancement requirements and then we can spend our time outside applying that knowledge and getting together safely.

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      Marnie Ham

      Our den meets outside, we are Tigers (6 or 7 year olds). We are physically distanced and masked at all.times.  Since December we have been switching things up to 1 night meeting and 1 Sunday meeting a month. The pack meets virtually, so cubs can join that monthly too.

      We move locations for our meetings, so communication is key. We use Scoutbook and personal text messages and emails to connect to parents regularly.

      We have tried to be strategic in what meetings will work at night and which are better for daytime.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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