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During our Zoom Pack Meetings, we’ve adopted a few practices that we really hadn’t previously done with in-person meetings.  A few suggestions that we’ve made work:

1. To encourage attendance, we’ve included some small prize giveaways.  Every scout’s name is in the bucket to be drawn out, but only those in attendance via Zoom are eligible to claim the prize if their name is drawn.  The prizes were small things such as $10 gift cards to Dunkin Donuts and to Target.  We also gave away some leftover Trails End popcorn bags.  Naturally, we advertised this ahead of time via scoutbook email distro and via our closed Facebook page so that families were anticipating this ahead of time.

2. We played a game of Scavenger Hunt during one of our Pack Meetings.  We literally used the board game and drew 5 cards per the normal rules.  It worked out quite well.  Each scout had a parent monitoring for the “Time’s Up!” call coming from our Zoom timekeeper while the scouts were running around their own house looking for the targeted Scavenger items.