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Robert C. Taylor
President & Chairman of the Board

Joseph N. Waller
Council Commissioner

Andrew V. Zahn
Scout Executive/CEO

Young Females Joined the Dan Beard Council in 2019

Scouting locally in the Dan Beard Council is strong, alive, and making a huge impact in the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area!

Local Scouting remains both programmatically and financially strong, and our local leadership is committed to delivering the safest, highest quality Scouting programs for our youth. Now more than ever, leadership is relevant in our classrooms, our communities, and in business. Local youth from neighborhoods all across our community are actively learning from a Scouting program that instills core values, leadership skills, and integrity. These are the future leaders of our community.

Here in the Dan Beard Council we are excited about the future of Scouting in our region. Last year nearly 900 young females joined the Dan Beard Council through our expanded programs to better serve the entire family. Parents are looking for a place where they can enhance the family dynamic, participate together, and reinforce the values, ethics, and life skills they want for their children. As we strengthen family bonds, we also strengthen the foundation of success for our youth. Scouting makes it happen!

Our local Scouts also make a difference. Last year alone, Scouts logged 166,301 hours of community service on projects right here in Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. According to the national value of volunteer time, that’s nearly $4 million worth of volunteer service poured right into the heart of our community. While today’s Scouting program has evolved to include architecture, engineering, sustainability, personal fitness, and much more, doing a good deed and doing the right thing for others remains at its core.

When you look at the impact that Scouting has in our community, it’s easy to see that Scouting simply works. It prepares youth for life in today’s world. This impact report takes a moment to highlight just a few of the ways that Scouting continues to impact our local youth, local families, and our community as a whole. We hope that you will join us in helping to prepare youth for life and to develop the future leaders of tomorrow.