How does your Unit benefit from the Dan Beard Council operating budget? In the funding of the Dan Beard Council, Boy Scouts of America, the question frequently arises – just what does this expenditure of Council budgeted money mean to our Pack, Troop or Crew?

  • The Friends of Scouting donations help fund the year round operation and maintenance of Camp Friedlander, Cub World, Camp Craig and Camp Michaels. In the past few years, Dan Beard Council has been able to add picnic pavilions, pave the entryways at Camps Friedlander and Cub World, install composite flooring at the Cub World Fort and much more, thanks in part to the success of Family Friends of Scouting. Many of these facilities, campsites, and supplies are free to use for local Scout units.
  • Processing of all membership records of the unit which includes Boy’s Life Subscriptions and all requests directly related to the National Organization. Registration fees and magazine fees are sent direct to the National Organization, thus none of this money is used at a local level.
  • Maintaining a large supply of literature, forms, badges, certificates, awards, etc.
  • Maintaining a permanent record of advancement of each boy and adult training records.
  • The preparation, production, and distribution of information bulletins and a website that assists units and leaders in providing youth with a quality program.
  • Handling thousands of phone calls from unit leaders, parents, donors, the general public and others desiring information related to the program.
  • Providing liability insurance which protects both unit leaders as well as the chartered partner organization. The premium on this insurance costs several thousand dollars annually.
  • Providing a reservation system where all Scouting units can use facilities for both weekend camping and long- term summer camp at Camp Friedlander, Camp Craig, Cub World and Camp Michaels.
  • Training opportunities for all volunteer leaders. Training is accomplished through scheduled training courses and monthly roundtable meetings. Training awards and other Scouter recognition are often provided at no cost to units.
  • Providing the unit with District and Council activities to improve its own program. Some of these events are: Day Camp, Camporees, Peterloon, Pinewood Derby, Spook-o-Ree, Klondike Derby and High Adventure events for older Scouts and Venturers.
  • A staff of both professional and volunteer personnel to assist units that may be having difficulties to ensure the youth continue to have a great program experience.