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Scouting Forward Together is an all-in effort to support our units, the heart of our organization. We are rallying together to help get everyone through this challenging time, and working together at all levels to build the future of Scouting for youth in Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.


  • Bring Scouting resources directly to units through our key Dan Beard Council volunteers.
  • Rally volunteers and leaders to share how we can collectively move local Scouting forward by sharing the impact, engaging more people, expanding our resources, and ensuring the highest quality programs are delivered for youth
  • Share updates on Scouting going forward, assist units with key next steps, understand their needs, and find solutions to ensure the mission of Scouting continues to impact local youth.
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The resources below will help unit leaders communicate the Scouting Forward campaign to their units. Some of the assets include calendars, budgeting tools, templates and more. Click on the link below to download the file.

Questions? Please contact a Scouting Professional by visiting our Staff Directory.