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Popcorn Kroger Sign-Up Policies

Sign-Up Links Below
Important Policies on Sign-Up.  

Kroger Show and Sell Sign-Up Policies

Kroger sign-ups will begin on Friday, August 17, 2018 at 12 noon.  The Kroger Sign-up links are available below and will become live at 12 noon.  The sign-up links are pre-sorted by district so that you can select your district and see all of the available stores and times. We will be validating rally attendance after the rallies conclude.  A representative from your unit must have attended one of the popcorn rallies in order to sell at Kroger.

Kroger Show and Sell Sign-Up Policies

1) Friday, Aug 17th @ 12 noon – Sunday, Aug 19th, 2018 until 1 pm.

- 4 Time Slots only.
- Only stores in your home district.

This 3 day window is eligible for sign-ups at Kroger stores only within your home district.  You can sign up for a combined total of 4 time slots during this initial early period.  *Note: Registering for more than 4 time slots or a time slot outside of your district during this initial period will cancel your Kroger registrations.

2) Sunday, Aug 19th at 1:00 pm

Open Storefront Scheduling.  You may sign-up for additional slots at this time.

Starting Sunday, Aug 19th at 1:00pm, units are eligible to sign up for Kroger stores in any district and can sign up for as many time slots as they are confident they can actually cover.  *Note: Units that sign-up for a large quantity (approximately 20 or more) of time slots may be contacted by the Council Popcorn Team to confirm coverage and spots may be reopened. Please use discretion prior to signing up to ensure you are able to cover the time you sign-up for.

3) Wednesday, Sept 12th @ 11:59pm
All Kroger registrations will officially close and be locked in.  We will be submitting this information to Kroger and no changes will be available after this date.

Available Time Slots
The following time slots will be available at all 73 Kroger locations within Dan Beard Council on the weekends of Sept. 21-23, Sept. 28-30, and Oct. 5-7.

Friday’s (2 time slots available): 4pm-6:30pm | 6:30pm-9pm
Saturday’s (3 time slots available): 10am-12pm | 12pm-2pm | 2pm-4pm | 4pm-6pm
Sunday’s (3 time slots available): 10am-12pm | 12pm-2pm | 2pm-4pm | 4pm-6pm

Kroger Sign-UpsImage result for kroger logo

IMPORTANT: Remember that from 8/17 through 8/19 at 1pm, you can only:
- Choose a Kroger store in your home district
- Are limited to 4 time slots during this window  

The links below will become available at 12 noon on August 17th.

Use (Ctrl + F) on the sign-up page to search for a specific store.

Ft. Hamilton - Sign up for stores in Ft. Hamilton District.External Link

Hopewell - Sign up for stores in Hopewell District.External Link

William Henry Harrison - Sign up for stores in WHH District.External Link

Maketewa - Sign up for stores in Maketewa District.External Link

Blue Jacket - Sign up for stores in Blue Jacket District.External Link

US Grant - Sign up for stores in US Grant District.External Link

Hopkins - Sign up for stores in Hopkins District.External Link

Trailblazer - Sign up for stores in Trailblzer District.External Link

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