Unit Commission Plan

Unit Commission Plan




2014 Unit Commission Plan



Bonus commissions are back in 2014.  This year it is easier than ever to get the full 32% return to your unit!


Base Commission for 2014 Popcorn Sales = 29% Commisssion

  • Attend Popcorn University + 1% Commission

  • Develop a Sale Plan and Hold a Unit Kickoff + 1% Commission

  • Develop your Program Plan and Budget + 1% Commission

  • Doing all of the above =  32% Commission

Please fill out this quick form to qualify for bonus commissions for your Program Plan and your Unit Kickoff.  You can take care of it all at this link.

You can choose to recognize your Scouts with your own prizes by opting out of the Popcorn Prize Program for + 3% more Commission.