This type of show & sell is a lot like an “old school” lemonade stand. Your unit gets permission to have a booth in a high visibility area and your Scouts sell actual popcorn product there on the spot. This method has been highly effective for many units. A unit can plan a Show & Sell day and split Scouts/families into shifts so that everyone takes a turn. Talk with local stores to setup a time to sell.



– Visit or call locations early (except Kroger). Remember there are plenty of other places besides Kroger for Storefront Sales.

– If the store requires proof of insurance, please contact popcorn@danbeard.org or refer to danbeard.org/popcorn.

– When reserving your day, ask the business if there are any setup restrictions that you should be aware of.

– Double check with the business the day before in case a conflict has arisen. Schedule 2-3 Scouts and 2-3 parents for about 2 hour shifts to keep things organized. Confirm with the parents a few days beforehand.


– Have Scouts in uniform and stand in front of the table.

– Never have the Scouts ask if they want to buy popcorn. Coach them to ask things like: “Would you be willing to help support me going to Scout summer camp?

– Have products displayed neatly. Putting prices on will likely discourage higher purchases.

– Make sure to thank the store manager. Consider buying a bag and giving it to the store manager along with a thank you note signed by the Scouts.

– Split sales either by Scout performance, or by diving out the sales by an hourly rate.


Bass Pro Shop Sign-Ups

Kroger Sign-Ups

Kroger sign-ups will begin on the Thursday following the last Popcorn Rally event at 12 noon. The Kroger Sign-up links are online at www.danbeard.org/popcorn/kroger and will become live at 12 noon. The sign-up links are pre-sorted by district so that you can select your district and see all of the available stores and times.  A representative from your unit must have attended one of the popcorn rallies in order to sign-up and sell at Kroger.

Kroger Policy details visit: www.danbeard.org/popcorn/kroger

KROGER WEEKENDS: The following time slots will be available at over 70 Kroger locations within Dan Beard Council on the weekends of Sept. 20-22, Sept. 27-29, Oct. 4-6.


Friday’s (2 time slots available): 4pm-6:30pm | 6:30pm-9pm

Saturday’s (4 time slots available): 10am-12pm  |  12pm-2pm  |  2pm-4pm  |  4pm-6pm

Sunday’s (4 time slots available): 10am-12pm  |  12pm-2pm  |  2pm-4pm  |  4pm-6pm

Other Great Show & Sell Potential Locations:

  • Your Church
  • Your Community Park
  • At Community Events
  • Wal-Mart
  • Ace Hardware
  • Lowe’s
  • Walgreens
  • CVS
  • Great Clips
  • UDF (United Dairy Farmers)
  • Ice Cream Shop
  • A Local Mall
  • A Retail Store
  • Soccer Field

*Be sure to speak to the appropriate person to schedule a Show & Sell.