Popcorn Rally Events – Earn a BONUS 3% Commission for Attending

2019 Popcorn Rally Dates & Registration

Our 2019 Popcorn Rally Events have concluded.  Thank you to all who attended.  If your unit was not able to attend, there is still time to get ready.  Please contact your District Executive or popcorn@danbeard.org to arrange a time to pick up your popcorn materials.  

Rally Evening Schedule

6:00pm – New Kernel/Kernel Refresher Pre-Session (Pre-Session for Aug. 6th Rally will be held at the Scout Achievement Center)

6:30pm – Registration and Pickup Supplies at Rally Booths Begins
7:00pm – 8:10pm – Popcorn Program
8:20pm – 8:30pm – Rally Booths Reopen

What is a Popcorn Rally and Why Should I Attend?

A Popcorn Rally serves as our kickoff event for the popcorn sale.  It is where we will provide you with all of the supplies and resources you need to conduct your sale in a one stop shop (including getting your order forms).  We’ll also walk though all of the important details of the sale, new updates to the sale, key dates, best practices and more.  

In addition, we’ll also give you a bunch of free unit supplies just for selling popcorn and attending.  These include things like free banners, credit card readers, posters, flyers, military donation buckets, unit popcorn kickoff supplies and more!

And the best part is that your unit will automatically earn an extra 3% commission on the sale just for attending.  That is how powerful and important we feel these are to your popcorn sale.  You’ll walk away feeling energized, armed, and prepared to launch your popcorn sale!