August Sale Timeline

August 1                    Have Scouts begin their Online Sale

August 6                    Popcorn Rally #1

August 8                    Popcorn Rally #2

August 13                  Popcorn Rally #3

August 27                  Show & Sell Orders Due


August Checklist

□ Work with your unit committee to set unit sales goal
□ Set Date for Unit Popcorn Kickoff for early Sept.
□ Organize a Unit Popcorn Team
□ Log into Trail’s End website and update contact info
□ Attend one of the Popcorn Rallies
□ “Like” Dan Beard Council Popcorn Facebook
□ Setup other store front sale locations (Lowe’s, Walmart, Home Depot, etc.)
□ Setup Blitz days

September Sale Timeline

September 7              Popcorn Festival – Details here

September 12            Show & Sell Popcorn Sort Day

September 13            Show & Sell Popcorn Distribution

September 21              Blitz Day


September Checklist

□ Hold an Exciting Unit Popcorn Kickoff!
□ Schedule your Popcorn Pick-up Time
□ Setup your Blitz Days
□ Participate in the Council-Wide Blitz
□ Encourage Scouts to get out and sell
□ Conduct your storefront sales


October Sale Timeline

October 9                   Popcorn Transfer Night (Ohio Warehouse) 4:30pm-6pm

October 10                 Popcorn Transfer Night (Kentucky Roundtable) 6:30-8pm or Roundtable End
                                     Located that the Erlanger Public Library; 
401 Kenton Lands Rd, Erlanger, KY 41018

October 15                 Popcorn Transfer Night (Scout Achievement Center) 5:30 – Appx 6:45 

October 19                 Popcorn Return Day

October 23                 Final Unit Orders due Trail’s End website

October 25                 Show & Sell (Initial Order) Payment Due


October Checklist

□ Communicate with parents on inventory
□ Track progress and order more popcorn or trade with others
□ Return any popcorn you don’t intend to sell
□ Place orders
□ Collect prize order from Scouts

November Sale Timeline

November 1               Prize Orders Due

November 7               Popcorn Sort Day

November 8               Popcorn Distribution


November Checklist

□ Schedule your Popcorn Pick-up Time


December Sale Timeline

December 2               Final Payment Due
Office Hours for check drop off Nov, 29, 30 & Dec. 2 (8:30am-5pm)
– Check can be mailed, but MUST be postmarked by December 2ndOctober