When participating in popcorn, Scouts gain self-confidence, people skills, money management, salesmanship, and business
ethics – things that help prepare them for life! These are great values and skills for youth to learn. Unit’s also have the ability to fund their entire year’s program through the popcorn sale alone. That means less fundraising, less time asking parents for money, and more time for Scouting fun. All proceeds stay right here to help support local Scouts. That’s 73% that goes to Scouting. While a portion of that goes to directly support your Scout unit, the remaining portion gets reinvested into supporting your unit, and into local programs and supplies. For example, a bunch of the materials you received for free to support your popcorn sale this year, came from popcorn. New program equipment like bows and arrows, and facility improvements like composite decking at Cub World were also funded in part by popcorn. Together we make a huge difference to support local Scouting program and the adventures of a lifetime!


August 7, 2018 – Complete | Scout Achievement Center
August 9, 2018 – Complete | Northern Kentucky

Thursday August 16, 2018 – Scout Achievement Center  | 6:30pm
(6pm refresher session; 6:30pm Rally Booths & Supplies; 7pm Popcorn Program)

6:00pm – New Kernel/Kernel Refresher Pre-Session
6:30pm – Registration and Pickup Supplies at Rally Booths
7:00pm – 8:10pm – Popcorn Program
8:10pm – 8:30pm – Rally Booths Reopen

NEW IN 2018

New Scout Bonus Levels
New Unit Bonus Levels
Popcorn Festival
Online Transfers
Online Return Manager
Additional Show & Sell Opportunities
Sample Product at Rally

Benefits for You:
Simplified Bonus Commission Structure
Popcorn Reminders via “Remind”
Mad Scientist Theme
Ideas for Your Kickoff / Unit Kickoff Lab Coats
Free Credit Card Reader
Unit Show and Sell Banner
Unit Posters
Military Donation Bucket
Kroger Sign-Up Process