Peterloon 2014

Get Ready for Excitement, Prepare for the Challenge!...
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Peterloon 2014

Get Ready for Excitement, Prepare for the Challenge! ...


Registration closed on September 11, 2014 at midnight.


We are still recruiting volunteers -- click this link for volunteer information, or go to to signup. Everyone who serves for a 4 hour shift or more will receive a special Peterloon volunteer patch!


Registration for Peterloon opens on April 1st at 9:00 am.  Early registration will be open until August 12th.  On August 13th, regular registration will remain open until September 11th after which no registrations will be accepted (no exceptions).  Campsites will be assigned in order of registration with units that register sooner being closer to the Action Center.

Registration for Peterloon is available online only.

  • Click here to register your unit to camp for the weekend. (registration now closed)
  • Click here for individual registration for Saturday Only (registration now closed)

Costs for Peterloon are below:

Scouts & Adults (all weekend):  $19 before August 12th ($26 August 13th - September 11th)

Webelos: $19 before August 12th ($26 August 13th - September 11th) *Webelos who wish to camp must register with their host Boy Scout Troop

Saturday only participants (Webelos and Scout): $10 before August 12th ($17 August 13th - September 11th). Day registration is open.

Saturday Visitors: FREE (all the time!). Visitors do not receive a patch and can not participate in activities.

Information Needed to Register your Unit for the weekend

We have simplified registration this year to make it easy for units to sign up.  To register for Peterloon, you will need the following information:

- Unit Type (Troop, Crew, Team, etc.), Unit Number, District (or Out of Council)

- Unit Contact - Name, phone number, e-mail address, phone number for on-site leader

- Number of adults attending, number of youth attending, number of youth under 14/ 14 and over

That's it!  You do not need to provide names for individual leaders and Scouts though you will be required to provide a roster upon arrival at Peterloon for use in emergency needs.  All Scouts and adults are also encouraged to bring non-perishable food items for our food drive.

Information Needed to Register Webelos for Saturday Only Participation

Saturday only registration is also simplified and requires only:

· Registering Adult Name and Contact Info

· Unit Number and District

· # Adults that will be attending with the Scouts and Webelos.  There is no charge for adult visitors escorting Scouts and Webelos

· Number of Scouts and Webelos Participating on Saturday

That’s is.  You will receive a confirmation email with your registration information, and can bring that to check in at Peterloon.