Peterloon 2014

Get Ready for Excitement, Prepare for the Challenge!...
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Peterloon 2014

Get Ready for Excitement, Prepare for the Challenge! ...


Many new theme-based events are offered this year, and some popular favorite activities return for the veteran Peterloon Scouts.  Scouts and adults can expect a fun-filled, Scouting outdoor program complete with individual and patrol competitions, connections with camping and emergency professionals, skill development, and adventure.

The list of activities for Peterloon is growing. Register today and show that you are Boy Scout Tough in these events:

  • District Activities at Peterloon:


    Contact/ Organizing Unit





    Giant Croquet with Water Hazards

    Use Mallots, Bowling Balls and your Orienteering skills to navigate a croquet course with obstacles for time and accuracy.


    Patrol Rodeo

    Teams guide riders through a rodeo obstacle course on a 35 gallon plastic barrel.

    Allohak OA Chapter

    Encryption Game

    Scouts test their mental toughness in solving cyphers and finding clues throughout the camp.


    Mike Ehler

    Trolley Competition

    Scouts will work as a patrol team racing against other patrols in a team building race.  Pre-register on Friday evening.

    Fire Building

    Scouts will try to beat other patrols trying to see who can start a fire and burn the string above it first.

    Fort Hamilton

    Matt Bavis

    Squeeze Box

    Scouts crawl thrrough layers of plywood, navigating through the narrowest space possible.


    Maneuuver over, under, and through an obstacle course of bars to reach the other side as quickly as possible.

    Crate Stacking

    Scouts stack and climb milk crates as high as possible, while being suspended from a belay rope.


    Scouts can learn and practice archery marksmanship skills at the archery range, utilizing compound bows.

    BB Guns

    Scouts learn and demonstrate the rules of safe BB gun shooting at the BB-gun range


    Traditional Contest between Patrols.   Is your Patrol the toughest at Peterloon?

    US Grant

    Craig Gregoria

    Rifle and Shotgun Range

    The rifle and shotgun range will provide scouts the opportunity to develop precision shooting and moving target marksmanship skills.

    BB Gun Biathlon

    The BB Biathlon is walking, running and prone shooting on three ranges taking about 45 minutes to complete. Three medals to be awarded in each of four age groups.

    Blue Jacket

    Lee Carmichael

    Bucking Bull

    Scouts can ride a Barrel Bull with four scouts trying to buck you off by pulling on the hanging ropes.


    Scouts lash a chariot that is raised vertically and lowers a scout across a stream/ditch.  (From one of the Episodes of Tougher Than A Boy Scout)

    Nuclear Transport

    Patrol event; Move a plutonium item from the contaminated area to a safe bucket, with the supplies provided.

    10 Essential Hiking Items (Webelos)

    Cubs identify the ten essential hiking items and receive a Ten Essentials Card.

    William Henry Harrison

    Bill W

    Tomahawk Throw

    Just like it sounds – throw a tomahawk at a target.


    Craack thaaat whip!  Devo-nstrate your ability to hit a target with the bullwhip.  Bonus points for a good crack!

    John Hugh

    7-way Tug of War

    Ku-ni-eh Lodge

    Dale Hahn

    Boat Races

    Adults vs. Youth – out and back race in a rowboat then canoe.

    Gaga Pit

    Be the last person standing in the pit by dodging the gaga ball.

    OA Branding of Items in the Midway

    The OA will have a commemorative Peterloon brand that can be used to imprint on appropriate items.

    · Eagle Scout Association

    Joe Combs

    Mental Challenge

    Kim’s Game, Clove Hitch and Water Jugs

    Dan Beard Council

    Rob Swift


    Top shot and eight ball contest. Target shooting with paintball guns.

    Frisbee Golf

    Go from tee to target in as few throws as possible.