Each Scout, adult, and visitor staying overnight at Camp Friedlander and the 4 Day Cub Resident Camp are required to submit an official BSA Annual Health and Medical Record with parts A, B, and C completed upon arrival at camp.  A completed form includes a copy of the participant’s medical insurance card.  This form requires an annual update by a certified and licensed healthcare provider.  This form must be updated and signed within 12 months of the date you will leave camp.  Only submit copies of medical forms; do not submit originals.  Do not mail forms to the council office; bring them to camp.  An electronic and editable copy of the form can be downloaded by clicking the link above.  Please note, non-BSA medical forms will NOT be accepted.

The 3 Day Cub Resident Camp, Cub Camp Family Weekend, and Day Camp does not require a physician’s signature.  It is to be filled out by the parent or guardian of the Scout and is required for the adults attending also.


Precautions for the safety of all Scouts and Leaders are paramount in the development of our programs and facilities. In the event medical needs arise while you are in camp, our Health and First Aid Facilities are available with qualified personnel on duty 24 hours a day. Additionally, we have an agreement with Bethesda North Hospital, located 7 miles from Camp Friedlander on Montgomery Road to handle any emergency that exceeds the capability of our trained medical staff.


All medications, prescription and not presctription, brought to camp by Scouts and adults are REQUIRED to be secured in a locked storage. This policy may seem too strict for over the counter medications; however, if a camper consumes medication that is not meant for them, it has deadly potential. There will be certain exceptions for lifesaving medications to be carried at camp. Our health officers will make this decision during the medical record review.
A designated troop leader should be named responsible for storing and distributing medications within the troop’s campsite upon approval of the Health Officer. The camp can provide lockable storage and medication logs upon request. Medications requiring refrigeration will be stored at the Health Lodge. Medication must be in the orginal container and contain the following information:

  1. Camper’s name and unit number
  2. Name of prescribing physician
  3. Prescription number
  4. Date prescribed
  5. Name of medication
  6. Directions for use