Preparing my youth



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Your youth or Venturer's experience at the National Jamboree will form memories for years to come. Making sure he/ she is adequately prepared will ensure the most exciting, safest, and memorable experience possible...

Unlike the past jamborees held at Ft.A.P. Hill this jamboree will be literally taking place on the tops of the West Virginia mountains.

Youth and adults will be walking everywhere they want to go. There will be "NO" bus transportation to ferry youth or adults around at the Summit. All activities will be within a mile and a half of where your youth is staying.

Youth will need to be physically fit to really get the most out of this jamboree. The BSA has came up with strict physical guidelines for everyone, youth and adults alike who are attending the jamboree.  To hear more about the 2013 physical guidelines, view National Commissioner Tico Perez's video below or view the physical guidelines by clicking here.

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