What to Bring


Recommended Packing List... (also a great source for gift ideas for your scout!)

What to Bring

Everything you bring must fit in the jamboree duffel bag that will be provided and your personal day pack. It is important that participants pack the right items.


Personal Gear


·         Sleeping bag (lightweight in stuff sack with 30 degree rating is good)

·         Eating kit (plate, bowl, and spork are adequate.)

·         Two 1-liter water bottles

·         Toiletry kit (keep it small)

·         Two bath towels

·         Two hand towels

·         Two washcloths

·         Flashlight

·         Sunscreen

·         Non-aerosol insect repellant



·         One uniform  (yes, the national site says more - but DBC officially recommends only one uniform!)

·         Long pants (required for Day of Service)

·         Good broken-in hiking boots

·         Lace-up shoes (lightweight sports)

·         Rain gear (simple, lightweight)

·         Scout head gear

·         One jacket or sweatshirt (synthetic is good)

·         Two sets of sleep clothes

·         Five pairs of underwear

·         Four or five Scout/jamboree T-shirts/polo/activity shirts (microbial synthetic is good)

·         Two or three pairs of hiking socks

·         Two or three other pairs of socks



·         Air or travel pillow

·         Swimsuit

·         Water shoes

·         Sunglasses

 Arrival day, Sunday, and departure day are uniform days; other times for uniforms may be determined by your staff leader.   Other days are Scout/jamboree T-shirts or activity shirts with uniform shorts/longs.


• Patrol Equipment - each patrol will procure and bring these items.

·         One first-aid kit

·         One troop flag

Items Provided by the BSA

·         All tents

·         All cookware, except personal mess kits

·         All cooking supplies

·         All dining areas/facilities in each troop site

·         All tools to set up tents, etc.


Please be sure to


LABEL EVERYTHING you do not want to lose - Put name, home address and Jamboree Troop/Crew number on all personal gear and clothing.  See the attachment below for suggestions on labeling.





Watch the video below to see more on preparation for the summit.  At the 1:10 mark there is video of packing all required gear into the duffel bag that will be provided for the jamboree:

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