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Camp Friedlander Individual Camper Program


The Dan Beard Council believes that no Scout should miss the opportunity to attend camp. And with Camp Friedlander's Individual Camper program, they wont have to. Scouts who cannot attend camp with their unit will have the opportunity to come to camp and attend as individual camper.

Provisional Units

Scouts who attend Camp Friedlander as an individual, including Seconds campers, will be placed in a provisional unit. Each week, we will have two dedicated and trained adults who will provide leadership for the provisional Scouts. While they may share a campsite with another unit, each week, the provisional Scouts will create their own troop for the week.

SecondsExternal Link

Campers who just didn’t get enough during their first week at camp can come back for Seconds! Your second week of camp will be at a significantly reduced rate. You will be placed with a special provisional unit led by competent volunteers. Your ‘seconds’ week can occur before your primary week of camp. All forms and paperwork typically brought to camp must be submitted each week, including swim test and consent/hold harmless forms.

The 'seconds' program also extents to those Scouts that have attended the Dan Beard Council NYLT program during the same year. If the Scout is attending the Dan Beard Council's NYLT program, the Scout must first be paid for NYLT before a credit will be applied. To receive this credit, please complete the "NYLT Credit Form" found on the camp forms page.

Signing Up

Signing up is simple. Determine the week that is right for you by browsing the list of weeks to the upper right of this page. Once you've done this, please be prepared to enter the Scout's first and last name, along with address, phone number, email address, date of birth, and special needs (if any). Following this, you'll then also need to provide their program selections. Merit badge offerings can be found on the camp forms page. Due to system limitations, please note that once the order is placed, you will not be able to edit the information provided. The system will not let you register a Scout for merit badges until Saturday, March 3th at 9:00AM EDT.

Individual Campers Wishing to Sign Up for the Summit Trek

Scouts who plan to participate in Camp Friedlander's Summit Trek program as an Individual Camper will sign up as they normally would for a regular week at Camp Friedlander. When going through the "Individual Camper" registration process, an option will be given in order to select program activities -when this list of options presents itself, you'll find an activity specifically for the Summit Trek. The cost to participate in this program is $465, when signing up, you will only be required to make a deposit of $140. The remaining balance will be due on, or before, June 1st.

If you should have additional questions regarding our individual/ seconds camper program, please free feel to contact the Outdoor Program Assistant.

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