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  1. Dues. Most people agree that the habit of regularly meeting financial obligations is desirable. The finance plan of any unit should include participation by a boy in a regular dues plan. An annual unit fee, too often completely contributed by parents, does little to teach a boy responsibility. However, if he has to set aside a little each week for a desired item such as dues, he learns how to budget his own income.

    Paying dues regularly is not easy, but it does help develop character in an individual boy. It teaches responsibility and a wholesome attitude toward earning his own way.

    The weekly or monthly dues envelopes for Cub Scout dens and Boy Scout patrols provide a handy means of recording dues for boys who pay on a regular basis, catch up on back dues, or pay in advance. If a boy is behind in dues, adult leaders should find out why. Adult leaders may also help provide a solution through individual work projects.

    In some units, boys earn their dues by participating in unit money-earning projects. It is important that such work be credited to the boy personally rather than to the unit as a whole so he will develop a sense of personal responsibility and participation.

    Regardless of your dues collection plan, or how many months or weeks they are collected, individual dues should cover the basic expenses, as shown in the recommended budget. You may also want dues to cover a part of the program and activity budget.

  2. Money-Earning Projects. A well-rounded unit program requires supplemental income. It might come from the sale of a product or a project involving the talents, participation, or efforts of the unit members of families. Money-earning projects require the submission of the Unit Money-Earning Application, No. 34427, to the Scout Achievement Center. To ensure conformity with all Scouting standards on money earning, leaders should be familiar with the 10 guides listed on the back of the application and in the financial record books.


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