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Basic Expenses

  1. Unit Charter Fee. Every unit is required to pay an annual charter fee of $20. This fee is submitted with the unit’s charter application and helps defray the expenses for the general liability insurance program by providing approximately 25 percent of the funds required to maintain insurance coverage for all chartered organizations and leaders.
  2. Registration. When a boy joins, normally the unit asks him to pay the full $15 national registration fee regardless of the number of months remaining in the unit’s charter year. The unit sends to the council the pro-rated amount for those remaining months.The Balance of the boy’s fee is kept in the unit treasury to supplement his dues in paying the next full year’s fee. This procedure ensures prompt registration at charter renewal time. Note that fees are figured on a monthly basis:
    • 1 month=$1.25
    • 2 months=$2.50
    • 3 months=$3.75
    • 4 months=$5
    • 5 months $6.25
    • 6 months $7.50
    • 7 months $8.75
    • 8 months $10.00
    • 9 months $11.25
    • 10 months $12.50
    • 11 months $13.75
    • 12 months $15.00.
  3. Boys’ Life. Boys’ Life magazine, the official publication of the Boys Scouts of America, is available to all members at $12.00 (half the regular rate). Every boy is encouraged to subscribe to Boys’ Life because of the quality of the reading and many articles relate to your unit’s monthly program. It is part of a boy’s growth in Scouting too, and research proves he will stay in longer and advance further if he reads Boys’ Life. If the reserve funds will allow, the new boy, during the charter year should be signed up for Boys’ Life on a pro- rated basis.

    When reserve funds do not pay for the subscription, then the boy or his parents may be asked for the amount. They should understand that the Boys’ Life subscription cost is not a required part of the national membership fee.

  4. Unit Accident Insurance. Each unit should be covered by unit accident insurance to help meet the costs of medical care if accidents occur. This $1.75 is paid with the member's application or paid altogether during the charter renewal.

  5. Reserve Fund. A reserve fund should be established by a gift or loan from the chartered organization, members of the committee, or by a unit money-earning project. The reserve fund should meet unexpected expenses that occur before dues are collected or other money is earned. A new member’s initial expenses may also be met from the fund. A small portion of each boy’s basic expenses is budgeted to maintain this fund. If the reserve fund falls below this amount, it should be restored through a money-earning project or other means.
  6. Other Basic Expenses. These basic expenses include insignia of membership and rank for each boy to ensure prompt recognition, and literature required by unit adult and boy leaders. Because service to others is fundamental in Scouting, the budget should include a goodwill project, Good Turn, or a gift to the World Friendship Fund.

When all of the these basic expense items are broken down per boy member, it should look something like this:

Registration $15.00
Boy’s Life $12.00
Accident Insurance $1.75
Reserve Fund $1.00
Other Basic Expenses $5.50
TOTAL $35.25

This same expense table can be used for registered adults.

Other Expenses

  1. Program Materials. Each unit needs to provide a certain amount of program materials. For example, it should have a United States flags, a unit flags, and equipment and supplies for its regular program. Camping equipment, service project equipment, or Court of Honor or Blue and Gold materials might also be needed.
  2. Activities. The size of the budgeted amount for activities depends on the unit program. Usually, such activities as Cub Scout pinewood derbies, Boy Scout hikes, camping, or Varsity Scout high-adventure trips are financed by the boy and his family over and above the dues program.

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