American Gold Star Mothers Memorial Day Event


The American Gold Star Mothers is an organization of mothers who have lost a son or daughter in the service of our country.  They are hosting a three day event at VOA Park in West Chester during May 24-26 to try to re-establish the original meaning of the event and capture the true feeling of the cost of freedom and the sacrifices made by our sons and daughters.

[Editor’s Note:  The Ft. Hamilton Boy Scouts District Committee is requesting Scouts and Scouters to support a very special one-time project this month.  Please read the following message about the Gold Star Mothers Memorial Day event coming up on May 24-26 and find a few hours on one or more of these days to support this meaningful and impactful event for our community.]

Contact Information

Cindy Pyeatt
513-779-4147 home
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Proud Mother of:
Lucas T. Pyeatt
(Eagle Scout) SGT. USMC
KIA FEB 5, 2011

How Can Scouts Help Over Memorial Day Weekend?

They very much need the help and assistance of our local businesses and organizations, Scout groups, veteran groups, and military organizations in the SW Ohio communities to help with this event.

As Gold Star Mothers, they are asking for your help in this large project that they have undertaken but one that is so important to all of who have lost their child in war. They want people to remember all our children and take just a few hours out of their festive weekend to remember the Gold Star Mothers’ children and what they gave. This is a great opportunity for your Scouts to learn more about Memorial Day and to provide a very much appreciated service to our community.


They have identified the following activities that we hope our entire area’s Scouts will be able to help them with:

Traffic Control:  Onsite parking will be available.  Just need some Scouts to help the folks know where to park.  Along with this could also be helping visitors by passing out maps, etc.

Staffing the water tent:  They will have small bottles of water for attendees in case the weather is hot.

Trash:  Policing the area to help keep it tidy to include the area for food, emptying trash, etc.

Generally being helpful to the folks.

Fun Stuff:  They need a leaf blower on Friday May 23, either in the late afternoon or evening, to blow up the Inflatable Tank used in WWII.

Flags:  Pass out flag etiquette pamphlets and hold flag folding demonstrations explaining the care of and reason for the 13 folds.  Also collect worn and tattered flags to be disposed of either by the Scouts or American Legion.

Maybe have each troop design a "Medal" or a “Shield” honoring our Fallen Heroes.  They would have a contest and award a prize to the winning troop later in the summer or fall at a special meeting.

Hours of the Event

The hours will be from 10 AM -6 PM each of the three days (Sat., Sun. and Mon., May 24‑26).  Units can volunteer to help for just a few hours on one day only or for more hours or more days as they can.  Other help is needed before and after the event to set up and tear down as shown on the following pages.  Contact Cindy Pyeatt below to sign up.

Additional Information

[The American Gold Star Mothers website is located at  You can get more information about this event and the help needed from the flyer and descriptions on the following pages.]

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