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Welcome to the new Mass Email Communications System

Submit an Electronic Request to Send a Mass Email or Download the form here to send it in.
Use this link to submit an electronic request to send a mass email to a specific audience.  Required information includes the date of the email, email content, audience for your email, and other additional details.  See below for additional details about the system. You may also contact Ken Brunner (513-577-7710 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) to talk through the various options you may need.

Mass Email Purpose and Guiding Principles
Take full advantage of existing and emerging electronic communications resources to communicate with, influence, and engage our audiences in a more targeted and relevant manner; collaborate, engage, and inform Scouting audiences with relevant information and targeted, personalized messages.
As with all communications, proper planning is essential to ensure the success of mass email.  The content below will help you to use the system to prepare intentional, strategic messages.

Dan Beard Council General Email Communication Schedule
Below is the current schedule for mass communications:
1st Tuesday of each month:  Council level communication on service, policies, and programs
2nd Tuesday of each month:  District level communication on service, policies, and programs (Targeted to each district list.  Information to be submitted by the districts by the 1st Monday of the month.)
3rd Tuesday of each month:  Council level communication on recent news, headlines, and reminders
4th Tuesday of each month:  Open for relevant program or other related mass emails

Dan Beard Council has an annual schedule of mass emails to help promote service, policies, and programs.  When possible, it may make sense to submit content to be included in these regularly scheduled communications.

Considerations prior to sending a mass email:

Who are the intended recipients of the email?
Are there ways to narrow the audience pool so that only those people who need to know are contacted?
Are there other ways of communicating that might work better?
When should the email be sent?
How does the email work with other communications initiatives? Print? Web?  Brief announcements? 

Be sure your message serves your communications or project plan, and that your audience will be served by your message.

Branding: Mass email must include at least a 200 pixel version of the Dan Beard Council logo in the header or prominently placed in the HTML message part. Use of the Council’s mass email templates will be required in most cases.

Privacy: Dan Beard Council - Boy Scouts of America is committed to protecting your privacy and developing technology that gives you the most powerful and safe online experience.  All mass email communications will abide by the Dan Beard Council privacy statement, as well as meet all legal requirements for mass communications.

Sending a Mass Email:
To request the sending of a mass email through Council, you will need the approval of a Council staff member.  This will help to ensure a structured release of information and the ability to maintain accurate distribution channels.Use of the Council’s mass internal email system is governed by the following principles:
The information should be deemed critical enough to distribute to the entire audience.
The email must relate to a Council or District service, policy, event, program, or opportunity.
The email must pertain to a majority of the desired recipients.If you would like to send a mass email to a large audience (e.g., Scoutmasters, Troops, Den Leaders) using the Council Mass email system, all requests should be directed to the Dan Beard Council Communications team.

The Process: The work order must be filled out in entirety with all required fields.  Write in the appropriate text relevant to your event that you would like to see included in the email.  Here are a few things to consider: Select a template, include a photo if you like, know the audience you would like to receive it, know the content of the email, any links you may have, the subject line of email, who is in the “From” line,  and who do “Replies” get sent to.  Please allow our team one week to process your request.  Within that time, we will provide a draft sample back to you for review and edits.  Final edits will be made and the final piece will be provided to you for final review.
To submit a mass email request, a staff member (or volunteer with staff approval) may submit a work order to the communications team through the electronic form or the by downloading the form.  The work order itself will be located in the mail room, electronically on the Public (S:\) drive at Dan Beard Council (S:\Media\Templates), and also available for electronic submission online at  Please submit all work orders to Michelle Stolz at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

What features are offered and what options do I have within the system?
The system allows for immediate sorting of contacts to create the best targeted audience for your email.  Demographics may be sorted by the following categories (or by multiple categories):

  • District (or Sub district)
  • City
  • State
  • County
  • Zip Code
  • Gender
  • Youth or Adult
  • Eagle Scout (Y or N)
  • Scout Leader Position (Scoutmaster, Den Leader, etc)
  • Youth Rank (Tiger, Wolf, Scout, Life, etc)
  • Program Name (Cub Scouts, Webelos, Venturing, etc)
  • Unit Type (Pack, Troop, Crew, etc)
  • Grade in School
  • Counselor (for specific Merit Badge
Download this file (Dan Beard Council Mass Email Work Order.pdf)Mass Email Request Form[ ]530 Kb
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