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The Charter Renewal Process


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The Charter Renewal Process
Attend Charter Renewal Training
Conduct Charter Renewal Planning Meeting
Conduct a Unit Inventory
Update Online Charter
Prepare Payment
Get Signatures
Prepare the Packet
Turn It In
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Here you can find all of the new details for the 2014 charter renewal process as well as instructions, tips, and more.

Download Center:

Charter Renewal Process
(Downloadable PDF or read below)

Charter Instruction Booklet 2014 

Pink Charter Worksheet 2014

Journey to Excellence Measures Download



1. Read the Charter Renewal Instruction booklet

 Contact your Unit Commissioner as soon as you get the booklet to ask for help.

 If you do not know who your Unit Commissioner is, contact the District Commissioner listed on page 4 of your handbook (download available above).

2. Attend the Charter Renewal training at October Roundtable for your district.

 Usually 2nd week of the Month.

 Contact District Commissioner for your district’s specific additional info on location and time.

 Go to the tutorial on the web to ensure you know how to navigate within the software. Do this as soon as possible.

 Read the Internet Charter Renewal Frequently Asked Questions


3. Conduct a Charter Renewal Planning meeting as soon as possible, but no later than November 1

 Confirm the individual who is responsible for completing packet.

 Confirm the Unit Leader and Committee Chair will be filling out the Journey to Excellence form.

 Determine unit dues for 2015.

 Confirm unit leader roles for 2015. (See unit roster in packet for current names)

 Executive Officer of Charter Organization*

 Charter Organization Representative*

 Committee Chair *

 Unit Leader: Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, Team Coach, Crew Advisor*

 Committee Members

 Develop plan to ensure all registered direct contact leaders have been position trained for their new role.

 Set up a meeting in the first week of December to get the Executive Officer approval of unit leaders and to sign the Charter. All * leaders above for 2014 should be in attendance including the Unit Commissioner.


4. Conduct a Unit Inventory before November 1st

 Ensure all youth included on the Council Unit Roster match youth on the unit maintained roster for 2014 and 2015.

 If new youth are found, turn in completed and signed youth applications to the council office as soon as possible to ensure the youth have insurance and get advancement credit as earned.

 Lapsed youth should be contacted to determine why they are not active and their plans for 2015.

 Identify and confirm all: Den Leaders, Assistant; Scoutmasters, Coaches, Advisors

 Ensure all Adult and Youth contact information is correct, especially email.

 Determine adult and youth that are in multiple units and ensure primary position is known to avoid double payment.

 Begin collecting dues. Set the unit due date for no later than 11/30/14 to ensure you have time to complete the charter by the Council due date on Dec 12th.


5. Update Online Charter with New Unit data (Start on 10/15/14)

 Find the printed Unit Roster that was provided in the Charter packet. On the front page there will be a sticker with an access code. You will need the code to do Online Charter Renewal.

 Start up Windows Internet Explorer 5.5 or later with JavaScript enabled. (Mac systems will NOT work)

 Go to: and click on “Internet Charter Renewal”

 Login to the system as a new user. Use the access code that is on the Unit Roster.

 Enter the 4 digit unit number.

o Cub Packs, place a 3 in front of the pack number. For example Pack 177 should read 3177.

o Troops place a 0 in front of the troop number. For example Troop 177 should read 0177.

o Venture Crews place a 6 in front of the Crew number. For example Crew 177 should read 6177.

 The software will walk you through step by step. In the interest of saving paper, we will not rewrite the steps here. If you have questions during this process, you can always exit the program and come back later. Log in as a “Returning User” in order to keep the system moving smoothly.o The system will ask whether to UPLOAD data from approved unit management software like Packmaster and ScoutTrack or DOWNLOAD info from Scoutnet. It is recommended that you DOWNLOAD information from Scoutnet. Only if you have proof that ALL adults on the printed roster have current youth protection training and your unit software has the exact matching names as printed unit roster for all current members then UPLOAD the roster. This is the ONLY time it might be advantageous to upload.

 When you think you are complete, print out a draft copy to review with the Committee Chair and Unit Leader. The key points you are looking for are:o Correct adults in key leadership positionso All youth that are part of the unit are on the roster and those not returning are removed.

 Sign back into My Scouting, go to Internet Charter Renewal, and log in as a returning user.

 Make the changes that were requested by Committee Chair and Unit Leader. When you have completed the process – “SUBMIT” the charter. This locks in the names and roles.

 Print out 2 copies of the final Charter Renewal. This will allow you to keep a copy in case something happens to original. These are the copies that the Executive Officer and Unit Leader must sign. The sheet that lists the Charter Organization name will have places for two signatures.

 Save the charter as a .pdf adobe file. Select a name and save this file just in case the hard copies gets lost, you will not have to go back into the system to reprint it again.

 You may log out of the system as you are done for this year. No more changes can be made in the online system without major work. (If you need to make additional changes the entire process will need to be reset and started from scratch. Please contact your District Professional to determine the best next steps)


6. Prepare Payment to Dan Beard Council

 Fill out the charter Worksheet in the packet, which is the last page in the instruction booklet. (Pink sheet)

 The Registration information comes from the Internet Charter paperwork.

 The Insurance numbers must be added in next.

 Contact your Unit Treasurer to see if there is enough money in the units’ checking account or in the units’ DBC account, for the amount on the worksheet. (If not contact the Committee Chair immediately for next steps)

 When you have sufficient money in the account, have the unit treasurer write a check for the amount needed. Ensure all required signatures are on the check.


7. Get Signatures

 At the meeting set up as mentioned in step 3, get the signatures of :

 Executive Officer of the Charter Organization, on the front page of Charter packet.1. If the Executive Officer has changed from the previous year, cross off the incorrect name and legibly print in the name of the new person.2. If the Charter Organization address has changed, cross off the old address and legibly print the new address.

 Committee Chair will sign the bottom of the Direct Contact Leader Training Validation Report

 Unit Leader – Cubmaster/Scoutmaster/Crew Advisor also on the front page

 If there is a new Charter Organization Representative (COR), it is recommended that the Executive Officer sign this adult application. The reason is that the COR represents the Executive Officer in all Scouting matters and the Executive should personally approve the application.

 New Adult applications must have 3 signatures; Charter Organization Representative signature, Committee Chair and the adult. The adult must also sign the disclosure/authorization form.


8. Prepare the Packet

 Charter Renewal Printout with signatures

 Charter Renewal Worksheet with check for proper amount attached.

 New youth and/or adult applications (if needed) The front page of the Charter Renewal Printout will list, as a minimum, the names of needed adults and youth applications.

 Leader Training Report (Printed from *Note: This should be an updated printout when submitting the completed charter packet.

 Journey to Excellence for 2014 results. (See JTE instruction)

 Check for errors to ensure Error Free turn-in (utilize the pink turn-in worksheet as a guide)


9. Turn it in - There are multiple option to turn it in

 District Turn-in date will be announced by your district. - Contact your District Executive. The packet will be reviewed for completeness and a discussion on Journey to Excellence achievement will happen at this time. Plan on 20 -30 minutes for the actual review

 District December Roundtable.

 Council Last Chance Turn in Dec 13th at the Scout Achievement Center Baker Conference room 6-9 pm.

 If you cannot attend one of the above mentioned times, contact your Unit Commissioner or District Professional to schedule a mutually acceptable turn-in location and time.

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