National BSA Vote Process


The Dan Beard Council has been committed to a dialogue on this topic within the Scouting family at all levels of the organization.  To expand this important discussion and to gather as much information necessary to accurately convey the opinions of our members at the national vote, the Dan Beard Council developed several methods to gather its members direct feedback. The goals in the Listening Phase included:

•Provide a channel where every voice can be heard
•Receive feedback from the field
•Educate Scouting’s members
•Review core values
•Identify members’ concerns

After gathering all of the feedback, the Council compiled the information into the a Sense of the Council document that was sent to the National office.  The Council also compiled this information with the National Voice of the Scout information to provide an overview of the results.

Based on the feedback that the National BSA received from all Councils, a proposed resolution was drafted.  The approximately 1,400 members of the Boy Scouts of America National Council will meet on Thursday, May 23, 2013 to vote on the proposed resolution.  Based on its size, Dan Beard Council has 7 volunteer delegates to send as a part of the National Council.  The Dan Beard Council delegates have reviewed the results of our local sense of the council and will be representing our Council.

We expect to hear an outcome of the vote sometime Thursday evening. 
Last Updated on Thursday, 23 May 2013 15:36