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Visioning Process Outcomes

Through the feedback of Dan Beard Council membership and the engaging of experts, a full vision of the future of Camp Michaels will be developed. The majority of participants in this process should be those that use the camp or have a desire to use the camp to enhance their Scouting programs, but do not because of the current condition of the facility. Representatives of each Scouting program should be involved, including Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Venturing, and Exploring. It is expected that adult leaders and parents will provide the most feedback, however, youth should have just as strong of a voice. While consideration should be given to the needs and wishes of the Trailblazer district due its proximity and history with the camp, the vision should reflect the overall desires of the council as a whole.

This visioning process hopes to reveal several important factors that will determine the future of the camp. These vital questions should be answered:

  • How can Camp Michaels better enhance Scouting unit programs? Currently the majority of usage is unit-based. The vision may be to continue the focus of the camp on unit outings, or it may show a desire to move towards greater council programs such as high adventure treks, training facilities, or a Venturing camp.
  • What kinds of facilities should be built? The primitive nature of the camp is one of the favored qualities. Should the camp continue the rustic nature of the camp and limit the building of new structures and only bring the current ones to a higher standard, or should substantial development be planned including full facility infrastructure and modern multi-use facilities?
  • What are the next steps and scope of a campaign? Simply upgrading current facilities and land will have a much lower price tag than an extensive development plan. If the voice of the council is to offer new programs and modern facilities at the camp, a full capital campaign may be required.

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