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Current Camp Facilities

The current camp facilities and programs at Camp Michaels are relatively modest. The 700 acres of the camp are bifurcated by Gunpowder Creek with the majority of the property on the north side of the creek and the developed portion on the south banks. This is no reliable passage across the creek on the property; however, there is now vehicle access to the north property via Dale Williamson Road.

The following structures currently exist on the property:

  • Caretaker home
  • Maintenance barn
  • Four program shelters (approximately 100 seating each)
  • Lodge building with meeting area for approximately 30
  • Primitive shower house with two shower heads
  • Multiple latrine facilities throughout developed portion of camp
  • Storage building (inaccessible due to safety issues)
  • Chapel structure with bench seating for approximately 100
  • Campfire ring with bench seating for approximately 200


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