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The Visioining Process
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The following is the original Camp Michaels Visioning Process Plan, the guiding document first published in June, 2010. It is presented here to give an understanding of how the process came about to describe how the process was intended to go:

Feedback from the council’s membership has indicated there may be an interest in new program opportunities at Camp Michaels. In addition, the lack of regular maintenance and the need for several critical facility improvement projects has placed the council in a position where a decision is necessary as to the future of the camp, its place within the council’s camping programs, and the scope and depth of work to be done to bring the camp to an acceptable standard for the Dan Beard Council.

Visioning Process Purpose

The primary objective of the visioning process is to give direction to strategic decisions to be made regarding improvements to Camp Michaels. Any maintenance work, construction projects, program development, or other elements of planning should be guided by the feedback obtained from those that use the property most, namely, the Scouts and Scouters of the Dan Beard Council. The participants in the process should mainly include unit and council-level members, but external input should also be incorporated in order to best accommodate usage by outside groups such as chartered organizations and community businesses.

With the feedback gathered, a formal visioning committee will be formed to review, analyze, and form conclusions based on data. These conclusions will determine the scope of physical work to be done, programs to be developed, and the funds necessary to achieve this.

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