SAC Audio/Video Capabilities


sac_avThe SAC conference rooms were designed with the future in mind and include modern technology to enhance your group's program and provide audio/video support. As with all technology, there are some limitations you should be aware of that will help you "Be Prepared" for a glitch-free event. Staff will do their best to help with your A/V needs, but IT support is not available at all times. Your group will be ultimately responsible for making sure laptops, connections, and video players are compatible with the SAC systems. We strongly encourage you to visit the SAC prior to your reservation to test the equipment and ensure you are educated on how it will function.


Individual Room Capabilities:

Each room of the SAC operates a little differently. Please select a room to see the specific capabilities listed under the "Amenities" section:

Reservable Laptop:

The SAC has multiple laptops available for reservation separately from your room reservation. These are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. We strongly encourage groups to provide their own laptops, with which they will be more familiar. Because the SAC laptops may operate differently than you may be used to, please be aware of some of the functionality:

  • All laptops operate on the Windows XP operating system under a "limited" user account. Programs cannot be installed and computer settings changes generally cannot be made.
  • CDs and DVDs can be played.
  • USB drives can be used, however, be aware that some USB drives require installation of security software. If this is the case, the computer will not allow the USB to install the software and the files on the USB cannot be accessed. The best alternative is to use a USB drive without security software or to bring files on a CD or DVD instead.
  • The laptops have most standard presentation applications including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Powerpoint, Windows Media Player, Flash Media Player, and Quicktime. For other applications, please be sure to confirm that the program is installed on the laptop.
  • All laptops have sound output that can be connected to portable speakers (available upon request) or overhead speakers in rooms with permanent sound systems.


  • Standard connection cables are provided in each room. These include VGA cables, 3.5mm audio cable (headphone jack) in rooms with sound systems (Board Room, Baker Activity Center), ethernet cables for internet access, and RCA cables for the wall connection in the Baker Activity Center.
  • All video input connections are standard VGA. If your laptop does not have a standard VGA output (e.g. Macintosh), you may need to bring an adapter.

Internet Access:

  • The entire SAC facility has free wireless internet available at all times. To access wireless internet, you will need a password available from the Meeting Manager or the reception desk.
  • All conference rooms have wired internet connections for use by your group. No password is required.
  • Some of the conference rooms also have networked internet connection jacks. These connections are locked and are only available for staff usage.

Additional Information:

  • Connections are housed in the podiums in the Board Room and Baker Activity Center. Moving these podiums will permanently damage the connection jacks. Groups that move the podium will be liable for damage.
  • Speakerphones are available in all rooms except the Baker Activity Center. A conference call speakerphone is available in the Board Room. Long-distance calls are not available from these phones. If your meeting requires a speakerphone, please work with the Meeting Manager to be trained on their usage.
  • Staff present during your reservation will do their best to help with any A/V issues you might encounter, however, be advised that they can only provide limited support. Issues beyond the capability of the present staff may not be able to be resolved during you reservation. Please test your equipment prior to your reservation.
  • Instruction sheets for using the A/V equipment are provided in each room.
  • For questions or more information about A/V equipment and capabilities, please contact the Meeting Manager.


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