Baker Activity Center




This large event space is great for banquets, Courts of Honor, Blue and Golds, large meetings, and special events. Surrounded by large windows, sunlight provides great natural lighting. A stage and podium offer a center point for presentations, ceremonies, and lectures. With a beautiful stone fireplace and a hand-carved eagle woodcarving, the natural elements of the room are one-of-a-kind and enhance your meeting with a memorable setting.


  • 5' round tables (19 tables, 8 chairs per table)
  • 6' x 2' rectangular tables (34 tables, 3-6 chairs per table)
  • 200 chairs
  • Room can hold about 150 people with round tables, 200 with chairs only
  • Room Size: 31' x 48'
  • Stage Size: 12' x 7'
  • Ceiling-mounted projector
  • Retractable projection screen
  • Stage and lectern
  • Microphone (wired) and stand
  • A/V hook-ups in podium (VGA, 3.5mm audio, ethernet)
  • A/V hook-ups on on east wall (VGA, RCA video, 3.5mm audio)
  • Ethernet cable, VGA cable, 3.5mm audio cable (headphone jack cable)
  • Laptop available upon separate reservation
  • Wireless and wired internet connections
  • Outdoor patio area
  • Catering kitchen with sink, microwave, and refrigerator

General Information:

  • Groups are responsible for the setup and tear down of all tables and chairs. Sample floor plans for possible arrangements are available.
  • The lectern houses the A/V connections and cannot be moved. Groups that move the lectern will be responsible for connection jack damage.
  • All items needed to cater your function should be supplied by your group. This includes cups, silverware, serving utensils, coffee, garbage bags, cleaning supplies, etc.
  • Please do not bring colored drinks (red pop, grape juice, etc.). Try to stay with light colored drinks (lemonade/tea/clear colored soft drinks, etc.).
  • Emergency lighting in the corners of the room should remain on unless dimming is required for presentations. Please request a key to turn off this lighting if required.
  • The fireplace is only authorized for use by special council events upon approval by the council management staff.
  • An instruction sheet for setting up and using A/V equipment can be found in the podium.

Post-meeting Cleaning Requirements:

  • All tables and chairs should be stacked and neatly returned to the storage room as noted on the floor markings and the design hung on the wall.
  • All window shades should be raised to their initial position. Please be careful when operating shades, as pulling too hard may damage them.
  • Light switches should be turned on (all lights are on motion sensors, all shut off automatically)
  • The projector screen should be put up and the projector, laptop, and sound equipment turned off when not in use.
  • All items should be removed from the room except those originally in the room/podium.
  • If necessary, the floor should be vacuumed (a vacuum is available in the janitorial closet between the restrooms) and any stains removed.
  • Remove all trash and recycling from the room and catering kitchen and deposit in the dumpster on the east side of the building.

Other Important Information:


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