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Water Efficiency

Many low-cost options exist to help reduce consumption of drinkable water. The Scout Achievement Center reduced its use of potable water by implementing the following items:


Native Plantings/No Irrigationgreen_irrigation

Description: Selected indigenous plants that do not require irrigation.

Benefit: Native plantings help reduce the need for pesticides and fertilizer. Because they do not require irrigation, drinkable water is conserved. They are hardy in that they can survive cold winters and hot summers since they have adapted to local conditions over several years.

Tip to get started: Learn about plants that are native to your local environment, and start planting today.


Low Flow Plumbing Fixtures

Description: Installed ultra low-flush toilets, low-flow shower heads and other water-conserving fixtures that minimize water consumption.

Benefit: By using high-efficiency fixtures, less potable water is used.

Tip to get started: Consider installing low flow plumbing fixtures. Or, for a lower cost option, place aerators on your current fixtures.

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