Reserving the Scout Achievement Center


Four Different Meeting Rooms

Each of the four rooms available for reservation at the Scout Achievement Center offers something different. Whether it's your Tiger Den's first meeting, your organization's annual awards dinner, or a committee planning meeting, there's sure to be a room that fits your group's needs. With full audio/video capabilities and internet access available in each room, you can easily incorporate the latest technology into your event.

Click on a room to learn more about what it has to offer...


Cub Den

A 16-person meeting room with a natural finish. Great for kids, crafts, and meetings that might be a little more rambunctious!

Marge Schott Conference Room

A comfortable 8-10 person meeting room for more formal small meetings or close discussions when business just needs to get done.

Board Room

An executive conference style room that seats 30. Perfect for trainings, roundtable discussions, or medium-size meetings.

Baker Activity Center

An event room that seats 200, or 150 with tables and chairs. Great for banquets, Courts of Honor, ceremonies, and large events.

Additional Features


Audio/Video Capabilities

The SAC is A/V ready with state-of-the-art technology to enhance your event. Learn more about what is available and how it can be used.

Making a Reservation

We invite you and your group to enjoy the Scout Achievement Center by hosting an event in one of our meeting rooms. The SAC is a busy place and and room reservations are in high demand at certain times of the year. By all working together, we can keep the SAC a great meeting place for every group. Making a reservation is easy and the Dan Beard Council staff will help accommodate as much as possible along the way.

Here are the steps to making a room reservation...

  1. Choose a Room -- Once your group has determined the type and size event you are going to have, explore the amenities of the conference rooms by clicking the link to the rooms above.
  2. Understand the Usage Guidelines -- These are the "rules of the game" and were established to operate within the restrictions of the facility and ensure the rooms are kept their best for future reservations.
  3. Come Visit Us -- See the room for yourself, understand the details of how the room works, and envision your event taking place there.
  4. Make the Reservation -- Contact the Meeting Manager to book the room or to ask questions.
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