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A Few Last Things and a Grand Opening

sac_openingWith the Scout Achievement Center now in operation and a new model of "business as usual" was realized, the SAC project was not yet complete. There were plenty of minor touches and punch list items to be completed. As with any new facility, there were bugs and glitches that had to be addressed. The phone system wasn't working like it was supposed to (not surprising as anyone who has opened a new office will tell you), the cooling system wouldn't cooperate, and simple items such as directional signs to the restrooms had been overlooked. The project team pulled together and knocked them out one by one. But these were inconsequential when put in context to the excitement, surprise, and enthusiasm of those that came to see the SAC for the first time. Over the next few months, the building was brought to 100% completion and was the talk of the community.

On October 15, 2009 a Grand Opening was finally held. Hundreds of people gathered for a ribbon cutting ceremony, performed by Scouts from every part of the program. And with a literal realization of the vision of the 2005 strategic plan, they walked through the front doors to celebrate the movement's past and enter together towards the promises of Scouting's future.

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