Hike to the site where Scouting REALLY began...

A FREE family friendly event! Enjoy a 5 mile hike featuring a stop at Daniel Carter Beard's childhood home in Covington, Kentucky, the place where a young Dan Beard played in the woods developing a love of the outdoors that would one day become the foundation for the Boy Scouts of America.  Our hike will take you through 3 cities in 2 states and across 3 historic bridges over 2 major rivers!  Enjoy the scenic beauty of the Ohio River from the Roebling Bridge, Sawyer Point and Yeatman's Cove as you learn about the deep, rich history of our community.

Download the Trailguide & Map below.  Click "READ MORE" for details about the hike.

*NEW* - Souvenir bandana maps are available for purchase at the Scout Achievement Center for $5 each.  Proceeds will go to support the Dan Beard Hike.

The Dan Beard Hike provides an opportunity for you and your family to get outside and see our communities in an all new light.  Details of the hike's features are given below.  The hike takes place on sidewalks and through low traffic areas of town and park settings so the hike is safe and fun for all ages and all abilities.  Bring appropriate attire for the weather, sturdy shoes or hiking bots, a full water bottle (you can refill on the trail), trail food or snacks and a camera to capture all the sites!

Hike Details

Our hike departs from Newport and takes you up along the levee where you'll learn about the rich history of some historic companies and organizations in our areas.  Visit Taylor Park and then its into Covington by crossing the Licking River on the Veterans Memorial Bridge.

Once in Covington, you'll make you way down to the childhood home of Daniel Carter Beard, one of the founders of the Boy Scouts of America and Scouting's first Commissioner. You'll learn about Beard's roots in our area and the passion for the outdoors he gained while living on the banks of the Licking River.

Departing from the Dan Beard House, you'll travel by the historic homes along 2nd Street and down to Riverside Drive where you'll visit several life-size bronze statues of notable figures who shaped our communities and our country.  You'll get up close to the historic depictions of Covington and Cincinnati along the levee murals before climbing the staircase of the historic Roebling Bridge and crossing the Ohio River into Cincinnati.

Welcome to Ohio!  Descend the staircase of the Roebling Bridge and travel past the Banks project, the Great American Ballpark and into the Steamboat Memorial.  Can you make the tall stacks sing?  Follow the old rail tracks into Yeatman's Cove and further into Sawyer Point.  You'll learn about the locks and dams along the Ohio River and how they shaped our communities history.  Visit the flying pigs, follow the 450 million year timeline chronicling earth's history, and visit the statue of Cincinnatus.  Enjoy the many beautiful views of the Ohio River and the Dan Beard Bridge while hiking through this beautiful riverfront park.  Walk along the Serpentine wall and the banks of the river back to US Bank Arena and cross back into Newport over the Taylor Southgate Bridge.  Descent the staircase and you've made it!

The Dan Beard Hike is free of charge and all Scouts, Scouters and family members are encouraged to attend!  Check back often for additional details!

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