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Youth Protection remains the utmost priority for the Boy Scouts of America.  The BSA has been a leader in youth protection programs for the past 25 years and is still considered a leader today.  The BSA requires background checks; administers comprehensive training programs for volunteers, staff, youth, and parents; and mandates reporting of even suspected abuse. The BSA has continuously enhanced its multitiered policies and procedures to ensure it is in line with and, where possible, ahead of society’s knowledge of abuse and best practices for prevention. On this page you will find additional details, facts, and links regarding the recent release of the Ineligible Volunteer Files that have been portrayed in the media.

Key Facts Overview

Supplemental Materials:

Dr. Janet Warren Study - Summarizes a study from Dr. Janet Warren from the University of Virginia and outlines her findings on the files that were released.

Open Letter to Parents and Volunteers - Letter from Scout Executive, Tom Dugger, to parents and volunteers.

David Crary - Associated Press National - Scouts lead the way as major youth groups make headway against sex abuse.


Child Abuse Awareness and Prevention in America Timeline

Boy Scouts of America Youth Protection Timeline


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