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      Please share best practices, tutorials, plug & play content, meeting scripts, and examples of programming that Scout BSA Troops and Patrols can use for virtual content.

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      Frank Borke

      What is a good way of doing Board of Reviews in a troop?

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        Ed Baier

        We have done Scoutmaster conferences and Boards of Review via Zoom.  It actually works fairly well – easier to find a time that works for everyone (vs trying to find a scout meeting that all the right people can attend)

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      Frank Borke

      If you go camping and use one man tents — is this expensive? Where do you buy inexpensive one man tents?

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      Frank Borke

      If you have virtual scout meeting — what do you do if some of the boys/girls don’t have zoom?

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      Frank Borke

      What advice can be given to keep a virtual meeting interesting?

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      Frank Borke

      Do you have virtual meetings and in person meetings? How many of each?

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      Frank Borke

      If you use virtual meetings, do you push for the patrols to have meetings of their own? What are some good topics for patrol meetings?

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