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    Please share best practices, tutorials, plug & play content, meeting scripts, and examples of programming that Cub Scout Packs and Dens can use for virtual content.

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    Frank Borke

    If you have a good successful program using “in person” meetings and viral meetings — share some of your ideas to help other packs do well.

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    Frank Borke

    How do you solve the problem of not everybody having Zoom if you use viral meetings?

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    Frank Borke

    Are you having a Blue and Gold banquet? If yes — how are you setting it up what with the virus?

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    Frank Borke

    Do you hold committee meeting “in person” or viral? Which works best for you and why?

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    Frank Borke

    Because of the virus — did you come up with some special activities to do with the cubs?

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    Frank Borke

    Do you give out awards to the cubs at “in person” or viral meetings? Which seems to hold the interest of everybody?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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