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3 Rank-Specific Adventures & Supplies for only $50! 

Plus, a $10 rebate good toward Cub Scout Saturday Adventures this summer!

What’s in an Adventure Box? Watch and find out!

The Dan Beard Council, Boy Scouts of America is excited to announce our Cub Scout Adventure Boxes for the summer! All rank boxes have a cost of $50 and are guaranteed to have a host of exciting activities for you and your Scout over the summer! All of these boxes will also include a $10 discount to our Cub Scout Saturday Adventures at Camp Friedlander and will earn you an awesome patch!

These Cub Scout rank-based activity boxes will contain Scouting activities and all of the supplies to complete three elective adventures, as well as additional fun and exciting activities for Scouts to enjoy the program! They will also include parent guides and video instruction made by our very own Camp Director Michael Stamat and some of his friends to help you and your Scout through all of these activities!

Plus, we will ship the Cub Scouts Adventure Boxes right to your door!


cub scouts tiger
sign language cards

*Example only.
Not exact product.


Instructional videos and all of the supplies to complete:
  • Good Knights
  • Curiosity, Intrigue, and Magical Mysteries
  • Tiger Theater
Tiger Box includes:
  • Shield making kit
  • American Sign Language/Braille cards*
  • Magic goody bag
  • Lunch bag puppet kit
  • Cub Scout Magic Book

*Example only.
Not exact product.


Instructional videos and all of the supplies to complete:
  • Germs Alive!
  • Motor Away
  • Grow Something
Wolf Box includes:
  • Germs Alive kit (glitter, balloons, sheet, etc.)
  • Seeds, soil, pot, and other planting supplies*
  • Motor Away experiment kit (rubber bands, straws, paper clips, spools, etc.)
  • Binoculars
cub scouts bear

*Example only.
Not exact product.


Instructional videos and all of the supplies to complete:
  • A Bear Goes Fishing
  • Marble Madness
  • Make It Move
Bear Box includes:
  • Fishing pole kit (including limited tackle)
  • 80 pack marble kit*
  • Make it move experiment kit
  • Pinewood Derby kit
cub scouts webelos

*Example only.
Not exact product.


Instructional videos and all of the supplies to complete:
  • Castaway
  • Into the Woods
  • Movie-making
Webelos/AOL Box includes:
  • Fire starter kit
  • Water purification kit
  • Pocketknife
  • Survival Aid/Compass*
  • OH plant ID guide
  • Seed packets


Check it out! Here is a sample of the Cub Scout Adventure Box Instructional Video for Bears: Marble Madness. Videos like these come with every box!

A Bear Goes Fishing:

Box includes a fishing kit, but also has resources to help the Scout learn the information needed to complete the activity with video instruction and links to quality online resources that supplement the activity.  The fishing kit is durable and can be used multiple times.

Grow Something:

Box includes several single use items needed to accomplish this activity including seeds, soil, a pot to plant the seeds in, and even a sweet potato.  The video includes instruction on how to grow something using seeds and using the sweet potato, as well as a virtual tour of a Community Garden and other information the Scouts should learn through this activity.


If you would like to apply payments that you have already made on Cub World Adventure Camp, please use the discount code CWRefund. Please be advised that if the payments that have already made do not cover the cost of this registration, you will be invoiced for the difference. If your payments exceed the cost of this program, you will receive your refund at the conclusion of our summer program.

Questions? Please contact Rachel Ball at rachel.ball@scouting.org.