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We invite you to contact us to learn more about Scouting, get involved, or get an answer to a question. The Dan Beard Council staff stands ready to serve you and help make your Scouting experience the best it can be. We look forward to hearing from you!

Dan Beard Council, Boy Scouts of America Scout Achievement Center
10078 Reading Road
Evendale, Ohio 45241
Main Phone: (513) 577-7700
Fax: (513) 577-7738
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Professional Staff Directory

Name PositionEmail Phone # 
Acus, Kyle Outdoor Program Assistant[Click for member's page](513) 577-7707
Adelman, Ben
DE Trailblazer 577-7715
Archer, Sarah Field Director [Click for member's page](513) 577-7687
Bailey, Cliff DE US Grant
[Click for member's page](513) 577-7722
Bischoff, John
DE Trailblazer 577-7700
Brunner, Ken Sr. Program Director[Click for member's page](513) 577-7710
Carr, Suzanne Controller[Click for member's page](513) 577-7695
Coyle, Patrick
 Exploring Executive (513) 577-7735
Dobbins, Tonya
 DD Blue Jacket 577-7726
Dods, Sarah Outreach 577-7718
Dubose, Whitley Marketing Specialist[Click for member's page](513) 577-7699
Dugger, Tom Scout Executive / CEO[Click for member's page](513) 577-7680
Ford, Melissa DD Ft. Hamilton[Click for member's page](513) 577-7723
Francisco, Belinda Event Planning Assistant[Click for member's page](513) 577-7685
Greenlee, Sheri Executive AssistantClick to send email[Click for member's page](513) 577-7681
Harrison, BrittanyDevelopment (513) 577-7683
Hoffrogge, Sharon Field Team Assistant[Click for member's page](513) 577-7689
Horner, Michelle
Program Assistant 577-7686
Hutcheson, Marlene
Field Team Assistant (513) 577-7693
Jones, Lisa 577-7682
Jones, Steve 659-9834
Klayer, Phil Administrative 577-7688
Kostic, Michael Director of Field Service[Click for member's page](513) 577-7696
Marler, Shawn DD 577-7716
Matonhodza, Clara
DE Hopewell
(513) 577-7725
McCormick, Travis
DD Wm Henry Harrison 577-7719
Menard, Michael
Scout Shop Manager 961-0500
Mitchum, Christin
Fundraising Assistant 577-7690
Moss, Celeste Program Delivery Coordinator[Click for member's page](513) 577-7704
Neal, James
Outreach Program Delivery Specialist

(513) 577-7693

Neal, Jason General Manager of Properties[Click for member's page](513) 659-9836 
Norman, Lawerence Field 577-7703
Pigg, Jason Camping Director[Click for member's page](513) 577-7706
Pilcher, Alex
DE Fort Hamilton

(513) 577-7730
Posillico, Dotti Accounting 577-7739
Powell, Nickie Customer Service 577-7709
Ralbovsky, John
DD Hopewell 577-7724
Sause, Mark Print Shop Manager[Click for member's page](513) 577-7698
Scovanner, Tony Ranger (PT) 518-3212
Stamat, Michael Camp Experience Director[Click for member's page](513) 577-7694
Stotz, Michelle Office Manager[Click for member's page](513) 577-7711
Swofford, Mike Director of Program & Support[Click for member's page](513) 577-7705
Taggart, Christina DE Maketewa[Click for member's page](513) 577-7736
Taylor, Jeff Director of Institutional Advancement
[Click for member's page](513) 577-7729
Wilson, Ashton DE Hopkins[Click for member's page](513) 577-7720
Woolley, Gage
Institutional Advancement Associate 577-7727

General Contacts
Not sure who to contact? Send an email to one of these general addresses that best fits your request and we'll direct it to the right place:
Email Address Answers Day and Twilight Camps Activities, programs, council, events Adult leader trainings, training events, advancements
[Click for member's page] Summer camps, properties, camp rentals, camp events Popcorn sale questions and information Fundraising, development, unit fundraising
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