Community Camp offers the fun of camp right in your own backyard. That’s right, there are 6 different locations around the Council for you to choose from. Or if you love camp as much as we do, you can attend multiple day camps. Fun is the name of the game at all of the area Day Camps. This is a terrific time for your son to play in the outdoors and earn his rank advancements. He will spend time at camp with other boys his age having fun in the outdoors and participating in events such as Archery, BB guns, swimming, fishing, crafts, games, and sports.

Please note: Adult Partners are required to attend camp with any Scouts who are not yet Wolf Scouts. This includes Lions and Tiger Scouts.


The programs include everyone’s favorite Cub Scouting activities, plenty of outdoor adventures, and lots of games, crafts, and challenges. The activities are scheduled so each camper has the opportunity to participate in each activity. The camp staff plans and facilitates all of the programs, adding a certain amount of silliness and excitement to each activity. Each Day Camp is unique and will offer unique activities to its campers. Below is a selection of activities that may be offered at the Day Camp you attend.


Cub Scouts love Shooting Sports, so Day Camp has plenty of them. Cub Scout may get to try his hand at shooting BB guns and archery. Some lucky Scouts will also get their chance to aim and fire sling shots. This is one of the most popular things to do at Day Camp.


Summer Camp is all about being active in the outdoors. Cub Scout Day Camp offers fun and games that campers will love. Some games are active and rambunctious, some are quiet and require thought, and some involve teamwork and using Scouting skills. Whatever the type, campers will play all sorts of games each day.


Learning about and appreciating the outdoors is an important part of being a Cub Scout. The camp staff will teach you all sorts of new things about the natural world at Day Camp. Nature games and activities will teach Scouts about the environment and how to co-exist responsibly within the natural world. Some camps may have visits from animal keepers, the park service, go fishing, go on nature hikes, and much more!