Cub Scout Advancement


Written by Scott Snow Saturday, 04 August 2012 18:48

Advancement is one of the methods of Scouting to keep the boys interested and learning. It is a critical part of good program for the pack. Commissioners should be well aware of the what is happening in the unit in many things. Here is a report that will help you understand how advancement is progressing in all the cub packs in the Council.


If a number is red it means that there have been zero advancements recorded at the council for that rank. If a unit has a den that should have advanced and the number is zero, this is a major warning sign to the UC and that the unit leaders should be made aware of in order to find out what happened.


This report will be published in January, July and October of each year.  This report pulls the data from the District Advancement report and district Totals report. The actual excel file is available if needed by contacting your District Commissioner.



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Troop Advancement Scorecard


Written by Scott Snow Tuesday, 15 May 2012 17:23

DBC Troop Advancement Report
Purpose:  The purpose of this report is to help Commissioners and District Staff to more easily identify advancement issues and opportunities at the unit and district level.
Data Source:   Council Advancement Records are currently stored in ScoutNet.  This reports takes a hard copy/.pdf file of the Standard District Advancement report as the basis.  Due to timing issues of when advancement reoports are submitted to the Council, when they entered and when the youth actually advanced, it will be rare that all the data matches a unit's records.  However, this is the "offical"  record and as such supersedes unit records and should be the basis for action on the part of the Commissioner and District Staff.
Frequency of Report:  Report will be issued by the 15th of April, July, Oct, Jan with the year to date numbers thru Mar, Jun, Sep, Dec.  The excel version will be sent to Dist Commissioners for distribution and a pdf version will be posted in the DBC Commissioner website Scorecards tab for reference to all.
What the report can tell you:
1. How many tenderfoot have advanced in past 2 years.
2. Is there an even distribution of rank advancements across all ranks?
3. Has the unit had any advancements yet this year?
4. Number of advancements vs number of boys?  Is it higher than JTE Bronze?
5. Has the troop earned any merit badges by now as MB Challenge should be processed already
TF Tot  = Tenderfoot Totals
2C Tot = 2nd Class Totals
1st Tot = !st Class Totals
EGL Tot  = Eagle Rank Total
Eagle Palms are not included in this report as they no longer count for Advancement in JTE.
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Commissioners Scorecards Main Page


Written by Tom Armstrong Saturday, 10 December 2011 12:26

This section is designed to help Commissioners evaluate (page 57 of Fieldbook Feb 2012) their effectiveness as Commissioners in helping our units on their Journey to Excellence.

Unit Health Report is a BSA requirement to be created at least 2 times every year. The DBC will normally review the data in January and July with data thru December and June for all active units.  Every unit in the council is different and has unique challenges and opportunities.  This scorecard is designed to help the Commissioning and Professional staff provide better unit service by trying to identify units that appear to need help. It does this by using the key metrics of retention, advancement, number of youth, JTE status. These are the only key pieces of data that are easily available at the unit level on a "timely" basis. The report will show the data that is available via Council and national records.

Journey to Excellence is the BSA's new council/ district /unit, performance recognition program designed to encourage and reward success and measure the performance of our units, districts, and councils. It replaced the Centennial Quality Awards Program starting in 2010 as a means of encouraging excellence in providing a quality program at all levels of the BSA.

Unit Visit Tracking System is a tool for those in commissioner service to record and review information about their contact with the units they serve. With regular and consistent use, this system can provide each commissioner an "at-a-glance" overview of recent visits and a history of communications with each unit, which can help to provide timely and consistent support.


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