Charter Renewal


Scouting is unique among youth organizations. One of its most unusual characteristics is that it doesn’t own or operate Scouting units. The ownership of packs, troops, teams, and crews is vested in other community organizations or groups that generally have as their main activity something other than Scouting. Representatives of Scouting approach these organizations and convince them of the value of owning and operating one or more units. The Scouting movement provides the program, technical help, and special outdoor facilities. The chartered organization provides an adequate, safe meeting place and dedicated, capable adult leadership, and adheres to the principles and policies of the BSA. Through the strength and wisdom of this arrangement, millions of youth have benefited from Scouting. Without this unique working association, the program would be costly and limited to a very few.

Service to Chartered Organizations—Year-Round

Provide year-round service to chartered organizations and their units so they are successful in achieving their objectives. The professional Scouter serving the district should have an ongoing relationship with the head of the chartered organization. This relationship is built around personal visits which should be conducted at least once a year.

On each of these visits the professional:
• Discusses the success or needs of the unit and begins the solution of any problems.

• Reviews the role of the chartered organization and the local council to help the unit be successful.

• Reviews key personnel to determine replacements, additional personnel, and recognition.

As a commissioner, you also help maintain a good relationship with the chartered organization and between the organization and its units. You help everyone see Scouting as an integral part of the chartered organization’s program for youth. You also help facilitate congenial, constructive communication between unit leadership and leaders of the chartered organization. See Commissioner Helps for Packs, Troops, and Crews for specific actions by commissioners related to chartered organizations.

Renewing the Scouting Charter

Since 1916, when Congress granted a charter to the Boy Scouts of America, Scouting has granted charters to organizations. Scouting renews its national charter by reporting to Congress annually. Likewise, chartered organizations report to Scouting once each year to renew their local charters. As a commissioner, you are in an excellent position to help chartered organizations carry out their trust and renew their privileges and obligations.

The commissioner is responsible for the on-time charter renewal of all assigned units.


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