2021 Camp Cards

The Camp Card initiative is designed to help units and their members to raise funds to support all of their Scouting adventures including membership fees, summer camp, high adventure trips, and more.  The Camp Card is a “discount card” that offers deals at area businesses. Powered by the Entertainment Book, there are discounts all across the U.S.  For just $10, that makes the purchase of the card a no-brainer and Scouts earn $5 for each card they sell!

NOTE: The dates and information below reflect the 2020 Camp Card program. Updates to the 2021 Camp Card Fundraising Program will posted soon.


For 2020, there have been a few key updates to the Camp Card Sale due to the impact of the COVID-19.

1.  The Camp Card Sale will be extended to June 30, 2020. All camp card returns and final payments will be due on or before that time.

2.  While we know some units and Scouts have still had some success selling cards through online, text, and email, we do not want to penalize any of our units who have not had the opportunity to sell. While we are hopeful that your unit may still have the opportunity to sell some cards before the end of the sale, the committee has determined that there will be no restocking fee for returned cards for this year’s sale


Featuring 1000’s of local and national offers through the Digital Entertainment Book Partnership. See examples below.Also features:
– Gold Star Chili
– Mike’s Carwash
– Dick’s Sporting Goods
– Tom & Chee
– Freddy’s
– Newport Aquarium
– Cincinnati Cyclones
– King’s Island
– And tons more (examples below) through Entertainment.
camp card image web

 Digital Savers Guide Example Vendors


1) Sign your unit up for Camp Cards by completing the short Unit Enrollment Form.  You’ll receive updates and information as they become available.

2) Sign up to attend 1 of the 2 Camp Card Kickoff Events below.  We will be providing resources, sales tools, tips, sale information and more.

January 22 @ 6pm: Scout Achievement Center Register Now

January 23 @ 6pm: Northern KY Register Now

3) Communicate details with your unit to hold a unit kickoff and organize the sale.


• Units can return for FREE up to 75% of the total cards they order.
• Units will be charged a small restocking fee of $1 per card for any cards returned over the 75% free returns.

Example 1:
 Unit orders 100 cards and returns 25.  All cards are returned for free. Unit owes no additional fee for returns.

Example 2:
 Unit orders 100 cards and returns 80 cards (80%).  75 (or 75%) of the cards are returned for free.  5 of the cards will incur a restocking fee of $1 per card.  The unit will owe $5 for the 5 cards over 75%.


*2021 Dates Coming Soon

January 22 Camp Card Kickoff (Scout Achievement Center @ 6pm-6:45pm) Register Now
Cub Camp Rally will immediately follow.
January 23 Camp Card Kickoff (Northern KY @ 6pm-6:45pm) Register Now
Cub Camp Rally will immediately follow.
February 6 Unit Camp Card Orders Due to be submitted (online)
March 10-13 Camp Card District Distribution (district location or roundtables)
March 10-13 Sale Begins
June 20 Wrap up unit sale. Collect any remaining cards and payments.
June 30 Camp Card Returns and Final Payments Due.
July 1 Late Payment Fee kicks in.
June – August Enjoy a summer camp adventure!


camp cards

The Camp Card Initiative is designed to help units and their members earn their way to summer resident camp, high adventure base, day camp or other fun summer events.

The Camp Card is a “discount card” that offers deals at area businesses to the purchaser. Several companies have offered generous one-time and multiple use discounts that makes the sale of this card a no-brainer.  The purchase price of a Camp Card is $10.00, and participating Scouts will earn 50% for each card they sell!


1. Choose one adult to serve as the Camp/Discount Card Coordinator and complete the short Unit Enrollment Form. You’ll receive updates and information as they become available.

2. Through your unit committee, decide HOW your unit will sell Camp/Discount Cards.

3. Order your Camp/Discount Cards online.

4. Pick up your cards and hold a unit kickoff to distribute them to your Scouts.  Set a goal for each Scout and track your Scout’s cards.

5. Return unsold cards and make your final payment at the Scout Achievement Center by May 14th.

More information will be available via the Unit Camp Card Guidebook (to be published soon).


If you have ideas or a connection to a potential new Camp Card vendor, please contact Ken Brunner, Camp Card staff advisor, at ken.brunner@scouting.org.

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