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Sign up for The 2017 Camp Card Sale


The council will be accepting additional orders for Camp Cards until 5 PM on March 15.  Please click the yellow button above to place your order. 

We over-ordered by about 15% and we’ll be filling orders from that inventory.  Once that inventory is exhausted, we’ll no longer be able to fill orders.

Also, if you’ve had the chance to review the sales materials and would like to increase an order that you placed before the original deadline, you can do so by using the same order button above.  

The same rules, as noted in the camp card guidebook, are in effect.

2017 Camp Card Sale Important Dates

Kick-off: February 6th (7:00pm - 8:30)

Order Period: February 7th - 16th (Orders due by Noon on February 16th)

Distribution Week: March 20th

Official Sale Dates: March 20th - May 8th

Payment/Returns Due: May 15th


Camp Card Support Materials

2017 Camp Card Sale Guidebook

Unit receipt for distributing cards to Scouts/Families

Unit Card Tracking Tool

Prize Verification Form

Camp Card Offers & Digital Saver Deals

*Explorer* Camp Card Sale Guidebook

Directions to use Digital Savings Guide


Digital Saver Samples

The “Camp Card Offers & Digital Saver Deals” lists some of the best offers.  However, the deals differ slightly based on the user’s zip code.  So, here are some more complete lists for several different communities around the council.  Please check the list closest to where you live for more details.

Batavia Colerain

Downtown Florence

Mason SAC/ Blue Ash

West Chester


Camp Card Sale General Information 

The Camp Card Sale has been designed to help Scouts earn their way to summer camp!

The Camp Card is a “discount card” that offers deals at area businesses to the purchaser. The purchase price of a Camp Card is $10.00, and participating Scouts will earn 50% for each card they sell!

A customer can purchase a Camp Card for only $10, but they’ll get far more than the purchase price. If a customer regularly visits any of the stores on the card and uses all of the discounts, they will be receiving all of their money back — plus they will help someone go to summer camp. 

This is a low risk fundraiser, as units can return their unsold cards (up to half the quantity of cards they ordered).

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