Preparing For Camp

Preparing Parents


Parents need to be prepared for summer camp so they know what to expect and how the camp operates.  Scouts' parents should be aware of the camp policies and procedures.  Download and distribute the Information for Scouts and Parents well in advance of camp, as it summarizes important information from the Camp Guide that parents will need to be aware of.  However, all parents and Scouts should have access to the entire Camp Guide online.

Mail Service

Mail and care packages are always encouraged at Camp Friedlander.  Campers love to receive a letter from home.  Mail service takes about two days; please consider this when getting a letter prepared and include a return address in case it arrives after your troop leaves.  The envelope should be addressed as follows:

Scout's Name
Troop # and Campsite
Camp Friedlander
581 Ibold Rd.
Loveland, OH 45140

Emergency Phone Calls

There is phone service at camp, but only emergency calls are accepted for campers.  The emergency phone number for Camp Friedlander is (513) 831-8311.  A staff member mans this phone during program hours.

Campers are discouraged from making calls home, as this tends to disrupt the troop schedule.  If one of the troop’s leaders believes that it is necessary for your son to call home, permission will be granted.  An adult leader must accompany a Scout while he uses the phone.  Please do not allow your son to bring a cell phone to camp.

Merit Badge Pre-requisites

Not all merit badge requirements can be met in a camp setting and Scouts are exepected to have completed pre-requisites prior to arrival at camp if they would like to earn a completed badge.  Parents should review the Pre-Requisites List and encourage their Scout to complete these requirements prior to camp.


Parents and other visitors are always welcome to observe the programs and facilities at Camp Friedlander.  Since the Troop has a schedule of activities planned, visitors should check with troop leaders before arriving to find an appropriate time to visit.  All visitors are required to sign-in at the Camp Office upon arrival and will be given a visitor wristband to wear.

Guest meals at camp are always available.  Meal tickets can be purchased at the Camp Office: breakfast is $5, lunch is $6, and dinner is $7. Children 6 and under eat free.

Family camping is not permitted at Camp Friedlander.  The only children under 18 permitted to stay overnight are registered Boy Scouts with a troop.  Family members who wish to stay overnight are encouraged to find campground or motel accomodations in the Milford and Loveland area.

Early Release of Campers

In order to release a camper prior to Saturday morning, an Early Release form for the Scout must be submitted upon arrival at camp.  If this form is not on file in the camp office at the time of release, the Scoutmaster will be required to personally sign to release the Scout leaving camp.  There are no exceptions to this policy.  Click here to download a copy of the Early Release Form.

Family Night

Each Friday during camp, all Scout parents and families are invited to take part in our Camp Friedlander family night to see and experience all of the fun and adventure that the Scouts have taken part in during their week at summer camp.  All family members are invited to come out to camp and participate in our end of the week finale.

Families are invited to begin arriving at camp at 5:00 pm on Friday night.  Dinner will be served continuously from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm in the dining hall.  Meal tickets are $7 each and should be reserved through the troop prior to arrival and purchased at unit check-in on Sunday.  This will allow our kitchen staff to prepare enough food.  Additional tickets will be available at the door Friday evening.  Children six years old and under are free.

Following dinner, camp will have open program areas.  Scouts can guide families on a tour of the camp and show off their campsites.  We recommend wearing good walking shoes.  Open-toed shoes are not permitted in camp for safety reasons.

A closing flag ceremony will be held at 8:45 pm followed by the closing campfire.  All guests are invited to stay for the show.

Please plan for your Scouts to stay in camp Friday night to help the troop pack up Saturday morning.  Scouts who do leave Friday night will need to sign out at the Administration building.



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