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Vehicles and Parking

In a youth camp, vehicles are the number one hazard. As BSA policy generally prohibits all but maintenance vehicles from driving with camp, authorization to use a vehicle beyond the camp gates is considerend a priviledge and not a right. When planning an event, event coordinators should plan on not using a vehicle beyond the camp gates. It is the belief of the camp that part of the camping experience is for campers to pack in and out their personal gear(hand carts are available at the entrance to each camp) If use of a vehicle cannot be avoided, the following guidelines apply:

  • Parking is permitted in designated areas only, i.e. the parking lots and handicap spaces.
  • Only vehicles displaying a vehicle pass are pemitted beyond the camp gates. Vehicle passes are provided by the Campmasters or Rangers. Authorized drivers must provide a copy of their current driver's license and proof of insurance.
  • Groups wishing to drive a vehicle in camp, if authorized, may drive one vehicle at a time to their location at camp for loading or unloading. Vehicles must then be returned to the parking lot as soon as possible.
  • Vehicles authorized to drive in camp may not park within the camp gates with the exception of vehicles needed for campers with disabilities.
  • The speed limit of 15mph must be strictly adhered to.
  • All vehicles must remain on the camp roads at all times. Driving on grass areas, within campsites, or in other natural areas is not permitted.
  • The driver will be held reponsible for any damage to camp grounds, structures, or equipment.
  • Any attempt to subvert camp gates or locked areas may result in removal of driving priviledges or expulsion from the camp. Electronic gate codes are not given out and must be opened by a campmaster or Ranger.
  • Golf carts, ATVs, or other utility vehicles, except those used by the Ranger staff, are not permitted. Ranger vehicles are not available for public usage.

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