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We recommend that the pack leaves together from a single location in order to take care of last minute details or to form carpools. Pack check-in begins at 10am on Day One. Trailers will be staged in the parking lot to collect campers' gear and will be hauled to campsites by the Ranger staff.

Once all the campers from a your pack have arrived, one pack leader should proceed to the dining pavilion to check-in and submit all paperwork. Staff members will be in the parking lot, engaging the boys in games while your leader checks in. When all the campers from a program area have arrived, a staff member will lead the group to your camp area. A Leader's Orientation Meeting will be at 2:00pm in the Administration Building and at least one leader from each pack should attend. Staff will supervise the Scouts during this time.

After lunch at noon, groups will be brought around camp for a tour, medical checks, swim checks (if needed) and other camp orientation activities. There will be ample to to set up campsites before the first camp-wide gathering for Flag Lowering at 5:30pm.

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