Individual Camper Program


It is our goal to ensure that every Scout that wishes to attend Camp Friedlander will have the opportunity.  Scouts who wish to attend Camp Friedlander but cannot attend with their troop are welcome to attend as Individual Scouts.

Some Scouts may find that their troop is attending a different summer camp but would also like to attend Camp Friedlander.  Or maybe a Scout is unable to attend during the week that his troop has reserved.  Some Scouts may want to return for a second week of camp during the summer.  Camp Friedlander can accomodate every Scout and help him attend summer camp.

The individual camper experience is unique.  Individual campers will meet new friends, learn to work with new people, and see Scouting differently than with their home troop.  And they will still have all the opportunities available to them as every other camper.

Individual Scouts will be placed in a campsite with another troop or with a special provisional troop with qualified leadership.  The camp will assist with finding a suitable troop that is able to include another Scout.  We will help get the Scout and his provisional leader in contact with one another and sign him up for merit badge classes.  We will make sure that every Scout that wants to come to camp dan do so!

Individual Camper Registration

To register an Individual Camper, submit the Individual Camper Form with the full $250 fee if registering before April 6, 2015, or $270 if registering after April 6th, to the Scout Achievement Center.  Once received, the Scout will be entered into our online registration system via the Outdoor Program Assistant.

When submitting the form you must also submit the merit badge choices for the Scout(s).  The Scout(s) will need to fill out the Individual Scout Activity Schedule with three choices for each time slot.  This is page two of the Individual Camper Form.  The Outdoor Program Assistant will email the list of Merit Badges to the Scout that were assigned to him after March 16.

If you have a special request for the individual camper to be assigned to a specific troop please indicate this on the registraiton form in the space provided.  The camp will secure a troop to provide leadership and contact the Scout with more information prior to camp.  If you need information after June 10, 2015, please call 513-531-8311 to request information from the camp office on the placement of the Scout(s).

Provisional Leaders

Individual campers require competent leadership.  Being a provisional leader at camp gives you the opportunity to share the joy of Scouting with a great bunch of Scouts.  Campers attending as individuals or those coming back for a Seconds week have a strong desire to be at camp and generally display a great attitude at camp.

There is no cost to be a provisional leader.  Camp provides a week of free room and board!  If you are interested in being a provisional leader, please contact the Scout office at 513-577-7700.  There is a brief application process involved so we can ensure we are providing the best leaders for the best Scouts.