Arrival and Check-In Process


We recommend that the troop leaves together from a single location in order to take care of last minute details or to form carpools.

Please do not plan to arrive at Camp Friedlander before 1:00 pm Sunday without prior approval from the Camp Director.

Beginning at 1:00 pm each Sunday, the gate to the far parking lot (east end) will be opened and the Camp Commissioner will be ready to greet campers with a friendly smile.  In order to provide time for the entire check-in process prior to dinner, please plan to arrive by 4:00 pm.  Please be prepared to complete the following as indicated.

Trailer Drop

  • Unit trailers will be placed in the trailer staging area.
  • The ranger staff will take your trailer to your campsite.
  • Any troop or personal gear not in a trailer will need to be taken to the campsite by the campers using the two-wheeled carts available at camp.
  • Please have everything you need either in or out of the trailer (as appropriate) upon your arrival at camp.  For safety reasons we must highly discourage access to trailers in the parking lot.

Troop Guide

  • Follow directions from the staff and send a representative from your unit to meet your Troop Guide.  They will assist you to smoolthly complete the rest of the check-in process.

Administration Building

One unit leader should be prepared to go to the camp office to complete the following check-in steps: 

  • Submit a Troop Roster of all Scouts and adults
  • Turn in proof of insurance and Tour Permit (out of council units only)
  • Pick up wristbands
  • Submit Early Release forms
  • Provie a contact for emergency messages - Must have a mobile number capable of receiving text messages
  • Pick up extra Blue Cards, if necessary - Please arrive at camp with an ample supply
  • Purchase tickets for Friday family night dinner - Please be prepared to provide a total count of those eating in the dining hall for family night
  • Provide names for the Order of the Arrow callout ceremony
  • Submit all Consent and Hold Harmless forms - Required for all ACE, COPE, and Climbing participants - Recommended for everyone to attend open tower
  • Sign for understanding of the Code of Conduct
  • Pick up medication lock-box and medication log forms (if needed)
  • Pick up Fire-Guard chart
  • Answer any questions you may have

Medical Review  

  • While one leader goes to the Administration building, the rest of the unit will proceed to the admin spider shelter for a review of their medical forms. 
  • Please have everyone’s medical forms ready for review, preferably in alphabetical order.

Aquatics Review

  • Meet with the Aquatics Director to review waterfront procedures.
  • Anyone who has completed their swim check may pick up their buddy tags.

The following steps can be completed in any sequence 

Swim Checks - Checks may be done at the pool or lake.

Dining Hall Orientation - Find your table location and learn about the hopper system.

Shooting Sports Orientation - What everyone needs to know before open shoot.

Climbing Orientation - What everyone needs to know before open tower.

Troop Photos (optional) - Everyone should be looking their best to create a memory of the day.

Camp Tour (optional) - If this is your first time at Camp Friedlander, or to help all your first time campers, your Troop Guide will show you where everything is located.

Campsite Inspection and Setup

  • Be sure to thoroughly inspect each tent for damage and note it on the form.  Your Troop Guide will get your signature and submit the form to the Camp Commissioner.
  • Your troop trailer should be in place, get everyone’s gear stowed in their tents.

5:50 pm Flag Lowering

  • Be prepared to assemble on the parade field by 5:50 pm
  • Your Troop Guide will meet you in your campsite to get you to flags on time tonight

6:00 pm Dinner - Dinner will be served immediately following any messages

7:00 pm Chapel Service - Start the week on a reverent note

7:30 pm Scoutmaster/Senior Patrol Leader meeting in the Eagle’s Nest - Important information to start your week

7:30 pm Merit Badge add/drop session in the Trailblazer shelter - Make those last minute adjustments to your schedule

8:30 pm Opening Campfire - Join the staff for a rousing start to your week at camp

10:00 pm Lights Out - Get some sleep!  You’ve got a big week ahead of you!